ETSI ISG MEC is pleased to host the first of a series of Multi-access Edge Computing live panels. Hybrid event taking place on 26 June 2023 in the ETSI premises and online, this live panel will explore the drone business from a MEC perspective with a variety of speakers coming from this vertical market. 

The goal is to share insights from experts on regulation, technology and business, and understand how the various drones use cases (e.g. private sky/network and public U-spaces) can benefit from computing resources at the edge and information exposed.
After the intervention of the various speakers, a final panel discussion will include a Q&A interactive session with both F2F and remote participants.

Speakers will participate in a final panel discussion which will include a Q&A interactive session with both face to face and remote participants.

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More information is available here.

This is the agenda for the ETSI MEC live panel "ETSI MEC meets vertical markets - Helping the drones business", 16.30-19.00 CEST (Paris time).

Welcome note (10 minutes)
Nurit Sprecher, Nokia, ETSI MEC delegate, Drones @ MEC Panel Chair

Introduction to ETSI MEC (10 minutes)
Dario Sabella, ETSI ISG MEC Chair

Using 5G for Drone Operations makes S E N S E ! (15 minutes)
Hans Similon, Citymesh

Unmanned Life: Pioneering Autonomous Robotics Orchestration at the Edge (15 minutes)
Jorge Muñoz, VP and Co-founder, Unmanned Life

Leveraging new network capabilities to deploy command and control and deconfliction services (15 minutes)
Boris Resnick, CTO, Flyvercity

Unleashing the Rooster Drone's Potential: The Crucial Role of Network Connectivity (15 minutes)
Yam Geva, CTO, CTO, RoboTiCan

Preparing Italian Airspace to accommodate U-SPACE and Innovative Air Mobility (IAM) - A Service Provider Perspective (20 minutes)
Cristiano Baldoni, Chief of Business Systems Integration, D-Flight, Enav Group

Unlocking the Network’s Value Potential for Drone Apps with Network as Code, Demo (15 minutes)
Mikko Jarva, Head of Portfolio and Architecture, Network Monetization Platform, Nokia

Open panel discussion and brainstorming on the opportunities, challenges, requirements, possible solutions (20 minutes)
Moderator: Nurit Sprecher, Nokia, ETSI MEC delegate, chair on the MEC panel

Wrap-up: learnings and next steps
Nurit Sprecher, Nokia, ETSI MEC delegate, chair on the MEC panel

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