ETSI is pleased to endorse the WWRF Huddle 2023, Delivering the 6G Vision - The Path to a Better Tomorrow.

As we start out on the path towards 6G, there is a need for policymakers, connectivity providers, researchers, and other key stakeholders to come together and define the roles that need to be played in order to ensure that this is also a path towards a better tomorrow.

Wireless World Research Forum’s 2023 Huddle, the 9th edition of its flagship series, will focus on the drivers and goals that are going to be instrumental in ensuring the 6G vision is realised, and the key challenges thatare ahead in order for these to be delivered to the connected and unconnected society. This year’s edition will take place on the 9 and 10 of May 2023 in Singapore.

ETSI is pleased to support the Huddle once again, and ETSI’s CTO Adrian Scrase will speak at one of the conference sessions entitled “Achieving a global 6G ecosystem and standards”.

Registration for the event will be in-person only. To find out more, please visit the event website.

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