The tutorial on ontologies and semantic interaperabitliy is the introductory event of the ETSI IoT Week 2022.  The tutorial will take place in ETSI premises, Sophia Antipolis, France, on 10 October 2022.


The Internet of Things is all around us, with connectivity now being an integral part of the devices we use every day. This connectivity is however just a means for these connected devices to share data with other elements in a broader system.
While devices initially foreseen to operate within the same system might understand each other and be able to use data created within other parts of the system, we see an increasing complexity in those systems, a connection between systems and ultimately a need for devices, servers and applications to be prepared to access and process data that might not have been considered at time of design.

This is where semantic interoperability helps: it allows IoT systems to communicate and exchange data with unambiguous and shared meaning. This can be achieved using ontologies relevant to the IoT in general (a “base” IoT ontology) as well as extensions relevant to specific domains. The creation of mappings between existing ontologies is a key element in creating interoperability that can in turn help systems and their users to fully leverage the value of data.

About the Tutorial

 We are inviting you to a tutorial session targeted at IoT applications developers
The tutorial will explain what ontologies are, how they are built and extended, and how you can get involved in ETSI’s current work on the topic.

The session will also address practical use of these ontologies and provide an overview of how semantics can be applied to the IoT and of how using ontologies can considerably enrich the IoT applications and use cases.

Through a step-by-step demonstration, we will show how developers can build applications using ontologies on a oneM2M IoT solution, highlighting how it makes a difference using semantics in an IoT ecosystem.

The oneM2M developer guide on implementation of semantics will then be put in action in a demo of a relevant use case based on the SAREF ontology and a oneM2M IoT solution implementing the oneM2M standard.

The formal tutorial session will be followed by a question and answer session from all participants


This one day event is a physical event. Registration for this tutorial is open. 
Full details on this programme will be available by the end of July. 

The full event programme will be available by the end of July. 

You may register already and we'll notify you of the programme publication. 

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