ETSI’s annual flagship event on Cyber Security returns in 2022 from 3rd to 5th October, in ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France. Save the Date!

We are excited to announce the return to a face-to-face format for the event, scheduled to coincide with Cyber Security Month 2022.

The ETSI Security Conference 2022 (previously ETSI Security Week), running over three days, will debate EU and Global Cyber Security Regulation, Policy, Security Innovation and Standardisation.

Each day will have a dedicated theme:

  • Day 1: Global Regulation and Certification Landscape
  • Day 2: Security Verticals
  • Day 3: Technology Day – (Horizontals & Toolboxes)

Agenda topics will include: 5G, AI, Cyber Security Act (CSA), IoT / Connected Device Security, Post Quantum and Co-ordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD). The detailed agenda should be available in July.

The event will include a series of demos and poster sessions.

The event is open to all upon registration. Meet & Network with the Community!

This face-to-face event provides an exceptional opportunity for the security community to come together to exchange with experts, network with peers, and share facts and opinions around the subject of cybersecurity standardization.

If you missed the last edition of ETSI Security event (ETSI Security Week 2019) held in Sophia Antipolis, watch the interviews and feedback in our video filmed during the event in our HQs.


For 2022 we have established a media partnership with CyberSecurity Magazine, a prominent media outlet connecting industry experts and scientists from the cybersecurity area. You will find extensive coverage of the event in the mag.

Please find below the preliminary agenda of the ETSI Security Conference.
Both timings and session scopes may be subject to change.

  • 3 October 2022 - Global Regulation and Certification Landscape

    9.00 Opening Address, Chair Welcome, Alex Leadbeater, Chair ETSI TC CYBER

    9.05 - 09.30: Introduction and Setting the Scene Session

    • Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI
    • Cinzia Missiroli, CEN CENELEC
    • Andreas Mitrakas, ENISA

    09.30 - 11.00: Global Landscape Session, chaired by Alex Leadbeater, Chair ETSI TC CYBER

    • Keynote Presentation

    • EC / EU Parliament, TBC

    • View from India: National Security Council
      G.Narendra, NSC

    • The State of CyberSecurity Policy in the US
      Curt Dukes, CIS

    11.00 - 11.30: Networking Coffee Break including demos & posters

    11.30 - 13.00: Regulation Landscape Session, TBC

    This session will discuss EU and Global Cyber Security regulation landscape including Cyber security Act (CSA), Cyber Resilience, AI and NIS2. 

    13.00 - 14.00: Networking Lunch including Demos & Posters

    14.00 - 15.30: EU Certification (At Regulation Level) Session, chaired by Jean-Pierre Quémard, KAT

    This session will explore EU Certification from a regulation perspective and progress on initial schemes. 

    • Eric Vetillard, ENISA
    • Christin Hartung-Kümmerling, BSI
    • Lionel Agulhon, Serma

    15.30 - 16.00: Networking Coffee Break Including Demos & Posters

    16.00 - 17.30: Eco Security Challenges Session (in a world of Climate, Supply Chain, War, Infiltration and Pandemics), chaired by Alex Leadbeater, Chair TC CYBER

    The session will explore wider security related environmental and supply chain aspects.

    • Neat Zero: See Your Organisation's Carbon Footprint At A Glance
      Kirsty Paine, Splunk

    • Nation State Threats and Supply Chain Risk for The Telecom Sector
      Patrick Donegan, HardenStance

    • Risk & Conformity Assesment of Supply Chain Services
      Nineta Polemi, University of  Piraeus, Cybersecurity Research Lab

    17.30: Day 1 Closing Remarks and Networking Event

  • 4 October 2022: Security Verticals

    9.00 Opening Address: Chair Welcome, Alex Leadbeater, Chair ETSI TC CYBER

    9.05 - 9.30: IoT Keynote Presentation: Lim Soon Chia, Cyber Security Agency, Singapore (CSA)

    9.30 - 11.00: IoT Security Session, chaired by Samim Ahmadi, Umlaut

    The session will discuss IoT Security and Certification including EN 303 645 eco-system.

    • From Standards to Legislation: the UK Experience
      Jonathan Angwin, DCMS

    • Secure By Design – How Cyber Security Testing of IoT is Evolving
      Alex Buchan, SafeShark

    • Testing the Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things as Market Surveillance Authority with the Help of EN 303 645
      Gürkan Kirca, Agentschap Telecom NL

    • Bosch/BSH Group IoT (Title tbc)
    • Helene Sigloch, Bosch/BSH-Group

    • SESIP (JTC013): Scheme Overview, Objectives and Relations and Complementarities with Other Schemes (e.g. EN 303 645)
      Eve Atallah, NXP

    • Session Closing Remarks: Future ETSI Activities on EN 303 645 and Related Verticals
      Samim Ahmadi, Umlaut

    11.00 - 11.30: Networking Coffee Break including demos & posters

    11.30 - 13.00: IoT Industry Verticals Session, chaired by Scott Cadzow, C3L

    This session will explore security of IoT verticals such as connected health, cars, smart cities and energy management.

    • The challenge in Moving from Horizontal Standards to Vertical Domains
      Scott Cadzow, C3L

    • EC 62443 Certification. A growing Recognition in the Industry & Energy Ecosystems
      Jerome Hamel, Head of Cybersecurity Technical Governance & IEC 62443 evaluation/certification Team leader.

    • Traffic Data and Vehicles as IoT Sources
      Massimiliano Masi, Autostrade Italy and Tomasso Scubia

    • eHealth
      speaker tbc

    • Global Energy Management
      Speaker tbc

    13.00 - 14.00: Networking Lunch including Demos & Posters

    14.00 - 15.45: 5G & Associated Eco-Systems Session, chaired by Alf Zugenmaier, NTT DOCOMO / HM

    This session will explore latests satus of 3GPP 5G standards, industry verticals, and Intelligent 5G Network Edge

    • 14.00 - 14.20: 5G Keynote:  Overview of the Direction of Mobile, Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO

    • 3GPP Overview Presentation including 3GPP SA3 Security
      Suresh Nair, 3GPP SA3 Chair, Nokia

    • Mobile Core Network Security
      Speaker TBC

    • 5G Security Compliance - Impacts and Opportunities for Cloud Providers, Private Networks and Mobile Operators
      Silke Holtmanns, PwC

    • Integrating Trust and Attestation in 5G, ORAN and Edge Computing
      Ian Oliver, Nokia

    15.45 - 16.15: Networking Coffee Break Including Demos & Posters

    16.15 - 17.55: Mobile Device Certification Session, chaired by Davide Pratone, Huawei

    This session will explore certification of mobile devices

    • GSMA Security Certification Activity and Synergies (NESAS, E-UICC and DSG)
      James Moran, GSMA

    • TC CYBER Status of 103 732
      Kai-Fan Chang, TC CYBER, SGS

    • Protecting Private Networks and Subscribers’ Privacy by the Capabilities of the 5G SI
      Benoît Collier, TCA Board Member

    • Side Link and Relay Security
      Marcus Wong, Oppo

    17.55 Day 2 Closing Remarks and Networking Event

  • 5 October: Technology Day : Horizontals & Toolboxes

    9.00Opening Address: : Chair Welcome, Alex Leadbeater, Chair ETSI TC CYBER

    9.05 - 9.30: Security Research Keynote

    9.30 - 11.00: In-Life Security Vulnerability and Risk Management Session, chaired by Alex Leadbeater, Chair ETSI TC CYBER

    This session will explore security technology such as AI, distributed ledger and software bill of materials

    • Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD): ETSI CVD, GSMA and 3GPP
      Sonia Compans/Alex Leadbeater, ETSI /  Alf Zugenmaier, 3GPP & GSMA

    • ICS4ICS - Strengthening the Response to Cyber Incidents in Critical Infrastructure by Leveraging Established Emergency Frameworks
      Matjaz Demsar, Siemens and Lukasz Kister, Woodward

    • CVD (Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure): the Perspective of a Telco Vendor
      Luca Bongiorni , ZTE

    • The ISG PDL Approach to Auditability and Automated Enforcement
      Diego Lopez, Chair ETSI ISG PDL, Telefonica

    11.00 - 11.20: Networking Coffee Break including demos & posters

    11.20 - 13.00: Security Research Session, chaired by Björn Fanta, Fabasoft

    This session will explore global and EU security research topics linked to EU horizon and rolling plan

    • IRIS: a Framework for Enhancing CERTs & CSIRTs Collaborative Response to Cyberattacks 
      Rodrigo Diaz-Rodriguez, IRIS Project, Atos

    • MEDINA Project
      Björn Fanta, Fabasoft

    • AI Security Research Advances and Use Cases
      Battista Biggio, University of Cagliari

    • FAIRSPACE UK Project on Space Robotic Targeting Applications such as the International Space Station (ISS) and Interplanetary Mission
      Haitham Cruickshank, Surrey University UK

    • INSPIRE-5Gplus: Vision on Security Beyond 5G
      Antonio Pastor Perales, Telefonica

    • Cybersecurity Research Challenges in a Digital and Ultra-connected Society Cybersecurity Research Challenges in a Digital and Ultra-connected Society
      Bruno Charrat, CEA

    13.00 - 14.00: Networking Lunch including Demos & Posters

    14.00 - 15.45: Advances in Cryptography Session, chaired by Colin Whorlow, NCSC

    This session will explore latest advances in Post Quantum and Light Weight Cryptography Scheme

    • Post Quantum and Cryptography
      Matt Campana, Amazon

    • Light Weight Cryptography
      Speaker Tbc

    • IBE / ABE
      Scott Cadzow, C3L

    • Post Quantum Next Steps Panel

    15.45 - 16.10: Networking Coffee Break Including Demos & Posters

    16.10 - 16.30: Event Summary and Closing Remarks, presented by Alex Leadlbeater, Chair ETSI TC CYBER

    16.30:  End of the ETSI Security Conference 2022

ETSI Headquarters
650 Route des Lucioles
06560 Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis

Tel: +33 4 92 94 42 00

Detailed venue information is available here.

  • Samim Ahmadi, Umlaut
  • Charles Brookson, ZEATA Security
  • Alex Cadzow, C3L
  • Scott Cadzow, C3L
  • Peter C, NCSC
  • Mirko Cano Soveri, ETSI/3GPP
  • Sonia Compans, ETSI
  • Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA
  • Alan Hayward, NCSC
  • Alex Leadbeater, BT, Chair TC CYBER, Programme Committe Chair
  • Tieyan Li, Huawei
  • Jean-Pierre Quémard, KAT
  • Davide Pratone, Huawei
  • Tony Rutkowski, CIS
  • George Sharkov, European DIGITAL SME Alliance & SBS
  • Colin Whorlow, NCSC
  • Alf Zugenmaier, NTT DOCOMO / HM 

Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the following demos and posters during the networking breaks:

  • Demo: Use of EN 303 645 and in Field Monitoring
    Presented by Alex Buchan and Team, DTG, UK Digital Television

  • Demo: Demonstrating experiment-videos on adversarial examples and countermeasures for real-time camera-based object detection applications.
    Poster: Securing AI – Threat mitigation strategy and secure computing platform
    Presented by Hsiao Ying, Huawei

  • Demo: Testing of CIoT products like smart doorbell, smart camera, smart air monitor, smart speaker against EN 303 645 /TS 103 701
    Presented by Gürkan Kirca, Agentschap Telecom

  • Demo: 5G, NFVI, O-RAN Attestation
    Presented by Ian Oliver, Nokia

  • Demo: PoC 6 Security SLA assurance in 5G network slices
    Presented by Antonio Agustin Pastor Perales, ETSI ISG ZSM

  • Demo and Poster: MEDINA Project
    Presented by Franz Deimlin, Fabasoft

  • Demo: The Trusted Autonomous Mobility (TAM) Project: Misbehaviour Reporting Service (MRS) linked to TS 103 795
  • Presented by Francesca Bassi, IRT SystemsX

  • Demo: Malware as a  cloud service and attacks against AI-based detectors
    Presented by Piotr Zuraniewski, KPN / TNO AI

  • Poster: Applying the EN 303 645 to prevent typical IoT-fails and the role of the norm for country specific certification schemes (e.g. the German BSI IT-Sicherheitskennzeichen)
    Presented by Kevin Heneka, Hensec

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