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Fibre and fibre-based optical networks are the key technical enablers of our society's twin transitions (green and digital), providing sustainable and cost-effective communication with high bandwidth, stability, reliability, and improved latency. In addition, the fibre evolution enables sustainable economic growth through advanced services and applications for users, businesses, and industries.

The pdfETSI White Paper #47 explains the methodology used to define a fibre development index, provides migration path recommendations to countries with different fibre development, and highlights the importance of setting policies to underpin that twin (green and digital) transformation.

Key takeaways of the ETSI White Paper include:

  • The move to a gigabit world is now more critical than ever
  • Fibre has a range of benefits over other broadband technologies
  • The F5G vision is for FTTE (Fibre to Everything)
  • An FDI (Fibre Development Index) is now required to monitor FTTE progress
  • Strong national broadband policies are essential for FTTE development
  • Emerging markets should look to move directly to fibre

To learn more about F5G, read the full pdfETSI White Paper on our website.

Presented by:
Jorge Bonifacio, Michael Philpot

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