The use of data has changed the way most businesses operate worldwide, ranging from traditional sectors to new emerging technologies, by supporting core processes or delivering insights to improve efficiency.

 Industrial data is key to the success of a harmonised Single Market and European competitiveness in the global market. As such, it is a highly strategic field that will provide the foundation of the next wave of digitization in Europe.

 To fully benefit from the added value of industrial data, European stakeholders need a common approach that enables trust, quality and interoperability along the entire data value chain. These are issues already tackled by GAIA-X, the European Association for Data and Cloud, on which we want to expand together with you – how can standards support the industrial data value chain?

The European Standardization Organizations - CEN, CENELEC and ETSI - invite you to a stakeholders’ workshop that will identify the cross-sectoral gaps and opportunities for the development of new industrial data standards in a global context.

For details please visit the event website.

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