ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) is organizing a remote Plugtests interoperability event on JAdES (JSON Advanced Electronic Signature). This event, using a dedicated web portal, will be run remotely from 8 november to 17 December 2021. Originally planned to end on 28 November 2021, it has been extended from to 17 December 2021 upon request from the participants in order to complete their testing. The participation is free of charge.


This remote event aims at conducting interoperability and conformance testing on the new Technical Specification JAdES (JSON Advanced Electronic Signature) referenced as ETSI TS 119 182-1.

The JAdES digital signature specification is based on JSON Web Signature and contains the features already defined in the related ETSI standards for AdES (advanced electronic signature/seal) applied to other data formats including XML, PDF and binary. 

This new standard comes in support of secure communications fulfilling the requirements of the European Union eIDAS Regulation (No 910/2014) for advanced electronic signatures and seals and regulatory requirements for services such as open banking.


As this is a remote event, there will be no need for the participants to travel to the ETSI premises and all signature exchanges and verifications will be performed via a dedicated portal. 

The remote testing is not performed in real time and the Plugtests portal will be available 24/7 for the full duration of the event to enable participants from all time zones to generate, upload and verify the signature at their own convenience


Registration is now closed. All participants must be registered for the event in order to receive their credentials and be subscribed to the mailing list dedicated to this event. The registration deadline was 31 October 2021. Companies already registered may still add colleagues to their teams, to do so, please contact

Each first person in a company to register to this event is de facto the official contact from this company for administrative matters. Each participant is invited to register individually.
The event is free of charge.


By registering to this event, all participating companies join the new ESI Plugtests Programme under which the events conducted will be covered by a single Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that the official contact will receive upon registration. Companies will not be allowed to participate to the events if the NDA and Rules of Engagement (RoE) have not been signed. The deadline to sign the NDAs and RoEs for the JAdES Plugtests event is 7 November 2021.

Credentials to access to the testing web portal will be sent once the portal is open.

This activity is supported by the European Commission and EFTA Secretariat.

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