We are delighted to invite you to joins us at the Layer123 Europe: 360° Network Automation Congress, which for the first time will take place virtually.

The expert speakers will share experiences and strategies on one of the most challenging goals – automating the service delivery life-cycle. This year's agenda will focus on the commerciality of network automation and how other technologies can benefit from and enhance automation. Bringing together leading industry experts from network operators, data centres, cloud providers, enterprises and software and hardware vendors, the event will provide real life case studies which will evaluate all parts of the value chain. 

ETSI, in partnership with Layer123, is delighted to bring an ‘ETSI Perspective Day’ to virtual attendees on 12 April. Several ETSI groups, namely ZSM (Zero touch network and Service Management), NFV (Network Function Virtualization), Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), as well as INT (Core Network and Interoperability Testing) will provide a status update of their activities  focusing on a network automation perspective. The ‘ETSI Perspective Day’ will conclude with a joint group wrap-up panel. All presentations will be given live and allow for audience questions.

Access to this exclusive day is gained as part of your main event registration and operators can register for free, vendors can attend for £200.

To see the full event agenda and to register, click here - https://bit.ly/3b5D4di

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