ETSI  invites you for a two-day virtual technical event focusing on Quantum Safe Cryptography.
The event, organized in partnership with the Insitute for Quantum Computing (IQC), will run on 18 and 19 February 2021 from 2 – 5.30 pm utc+1.

Content access during and after the event is enabled via registration.

As we increasingly rely on cyber technologies, we are ever more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The cybersecurity tools at the centre of protecting our business functions, connected devices and information assets from cyber threats rely on cryptographic tools and standards that will be broken by emerging quantum technologies. Planning and preparing is critical. A new suite of tools resilient to quantum computers must be standardized and deployed in order to maintain the availability and reliability of cyber systems and protect confidentiality and integrity.

This event is designed for members of the business, government and research communities with a stake in cryptographic standardization on a global scale.  It will showcase both the most recent developments from industry and government, and cutting-edge potential solutions coming out of the most recent research. 

A range of presentations from experts in industry, academia and government will focus on state-of-the-art quantum key distribution and post quantum public-key algorithms that will protect the world's communications and digital systems. Some of the next-generation standards development work currently in progress at ETSI and other international standards organizations will be reviewed.

  • 18 February is dedicated to a Quantum Safe Cryptography World Tour : a series of presentations will walk you through the latest developments in quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum safe cryptography activities, post quantum cryptography solutions  and more from Asia, North America  and Europe, including China, Japan, Russia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany and Switzerland.
  • 19 February will be providing a thorough update on various standardization initiatives worldwide including ETSI, ITU-T, IETF, NIST and others.
  • Live Q&A chat will be enabled during most of the presentations. 

During the two days, on demand videos of technical presentations will be available on the following topics:

  • Security and Migration of Quantum-Safe Cryptography
  • New Applications, Performance and Integration of Quantum-Safe Cryptography into Real World Systems

The entire event content will be available online after the event.

This event complements the ETSI/IQC Quantum Safe Cryptography virtual Executive Conference held in October 2020 in partnership with TelecomTV and IQC.

Content access during and after the event is enabled via registration.
A couple of days prior to the live event, you will receive a pin that you should carefully store to be able to access the event portal (corresponding to the venue).

The Agenda at a glance: (time is utc+1)

18 February : Quantum Safe Cryptography World Tour
2.15pm World Tour : Asia: presentations from China and Japan
2.45pm World Tour : Russia
3.00pm Break and Meeting Hub with the participants
3.15pm World Tour: Europe: presentations from UK, Germany, Switzerland
4.15pm Break and Meeting Hub with the participants
4.30pm World Tour: Northern America: presentations from Canada and the United States

19 February: Standardization Initiatives World-wide
PQC and QKD Standardization in China
2.30pm ITU-T and ISO/IEC Quantum-safe cryptography update 
3.15pm Coffee Break and Meeting Hub with the participants
3.30pm ETSI Quantum-safe cryptography standards update
4.00pm IETF, X9 and NIST Quantum-safe update
4.50pm Live Closing from Professor Michele Mosca, Programme Committee Chair


View the full Event details and our line up of speakers !

During the event, you will be able to access on Demand presentations at any time. 

  • PC Chair: Michele Mosca, co-founder of IQC, University of Waterloo, Programme Committee Chair 
  • Jaya Baloo, CISO, Avast
  • Johannes Buchmann, Prof. of Informatics and Mathematics, TU Darmstadt
  • Matthew Campagna, Principal Engineer, Amazon Web Services
  • Lily Chen, NIST
  • Nicolas Gisin, University of Geneva
  • Mark Pecen, Approach Infinity, Inc.
  • Bart Preneel, Professor, KU Leuven
  • Masahide Sasaki, Director, Quantum ICT Laboratory, NICT
  • Martin Ward, Chairman of ETSI QKD, Toshiba
  • Colin Whorlow, Head of International Standards, NCSC
  • Hong Xiang, University of Chongqing

About the Virtual Executive Conference debating on the state of the quantum threat and quantum risk management, organized in partnership with the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC)  and TelecomTV in October 2020.

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