ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability and the OSM community organised the OSM Mid-Release 10 Hackfest from 08 to 12 March 2021. The event was run remotely, allowing participants to join the hands-on sessions from home.

IMPORTANT: Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and associated travel / hosting restrictions, the OSM MR#10 Hackfest was run remotely (as it was done for the OSM#10 Hackfest). 


The OSM-MR#10 Hackfest, the very first one featuring OSM Release NINE, consisted on a series of sessions allowing participants to exchange and learn about:

  • How to operate OSM
  • Discovering and experimenting with latest features in OSM Release NINE
  • Modeling, packaging and on-boarding VNFs, PNFs or CNFs, Network Services, and Slices
  • Developing OSM Primitives for automating Day1-2 operations
  • Troubleshooting, debugging and modifying code in OSM Modules
  • ... and much more!

In addition, participants were able to hear from key players in the OSM Ecosystem, who shared how OSM is helping them to achieve their goals and latest deployments during the OSM-MR#10 Ecosystem Day.

For the latest agenda please click on the link below where you will find further information:

Who could attend:

  • VNF vendors, who wanted to onboard their VNF in OSM following best practices
  • System Integrators, who wanted to develop their expertise with OSM
  • Service providers, who wanted to get first hand operational experience with OSM
  • Academia and Universities, who were using or considering OSM as platform for their research activities in networking
  • Experimented developers and users that wanted to share and test with the community


  • Registration was mandatory and closed on 4th March 2021
  • Participants were expected to have user-level knowledge of Linux, OpenStack and Kubernetes and be familiar with NFV and SDN concepts
  • Participants needed a laptop
  • A remote environment was made available through VPN for participants to run the hands-on sessions
  • If you prefered to install OSM on your own laptop and to orchestrate your own cloud, you could follow the OSM Quick Start Guide
  • Before the hackfest, you could get familiar & watch the videos of previous Hackfests.

Wednesday afternoon was dedicated to the OSM Ecosystem Day, which allowed organisations in the OSM Ecosystem to share how they are using OSM and how it is helping them to achieve their goals. Presentations and demos covered a wide range of aspects from research activities in academia to production deployments and commercial initiatives, many of them focused in 5G use cases.

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