3:00 pm CET (2:00 pm UTC) to 4:15 pm CET - on ETSI BRIGHTTALK CHANNEL

Achieving security and compliance in cyber space through permissioned distributed ledgers

Presentation 1: Applicability and compliance to data processing requirements for a connected machinery

The presentation will describe the impact that the use of connected machinery has upon health and safety compliance. This will specify security requirements for electronic control units, telematics gateway, computational portion of smart sensors, computational portion of smart actuators, and computational portion of other devices. The PDL will not only specify security for on-machine communications between electronic control units and sensors but also to the cloud infrastructure.

Presentation 2: The exploitable properties of smart contracts to enable future generation applications

This presentation will discuss portability needs for future generation applications and their security requirements. The adoption of PDL and smart contracts can facilitate these challenges and implement secure and coherent data sharing.

Presented by: Christophe Gossard, Tooba Faisal

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