ETSI has organised the third mWT (millimetre Wave Transmission) SDN (Software Defined Network) Plugtests™ event which took place from 17 to 19 November 2020. This event was held remotely.

This edition of the Plugtests event focused on proving the ability of Software Defined Network (SDN) to operate from an end to end service point of view.

Building upon the second edition held earlier in 2020, the third mWT Plugtests event concentrated on the advantages of using a standard Northbound Interface (NBI): the ability to leverage the vast library of existing data models, elimination of most interoperability issues and true multi-vendor/multi-technology operation.

The format of the event was lab tests conducted remotely.

Any MW and mmW equipment vendor were welcomed to participate and provided a full domain, including the domain controller and the related MW/mmW equipment (as a single company or in partnership with other companies).

The event was also open to telecom operators wishing to understand the benefits of the SDN technology.

Follow the event related news on social networks with the hashtag #mwtplugtests.

This activity was supported by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association.

The scope of the event included:   

  • Microwave and Ethernet Network Topology and Service Automatic Discovery, based on the the LLDP protocol, with general topologies as encountered in Mobile Backhaul networks.
  • Inter-Domain Ethernet E-LINE Service Provisioning:
    • Creation and deletion of the services
    • Validation of the service definition with data traffic generator.
  • The type of E2E Ethernet Service Provisioning services to be provisioned is based on the actual services used in multi-RAT mobile backhaul applications.
  • Interoperability over a standard NBI based on Restconf and IETF Data Models
  • Controller compliance assessment and correct operation of the NBI by means of a shared tools and datasets (Postman collection, models, payload examples)

This activity was supported by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association.


All participants must be registered for the event in order to receive their credentials to access the WIKI and be subscribed to the mailing list dedicated to this event. Companies registered shall have at least one person on site or on the call during the event.

Every first person in a company to register to this event is de facto the official contact for technical, legal and logistics matters.

The event is free of charge and attendees are responsible for all other associated costs (in case of shipment of equipment etc.).

NDA and RoE

Confidential information exchanged within participants are subject to a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). 

Upon signature of the Non-Disclosure Agreement sent to the official contact, the participants will receive their credentials for the 3rd mWT Plugtests WIKI. Participants will not be allowed to participate in the event if the NDA and RoE have not been signed by a representative of their company. Signature is one per organisation (not per actual participant).

Please note that until recently, the Rules of Engagement (RoE) were agreed online by the team leader of each organisation upon registration to the Plugtests event; due to a change in our registration management, the RoE are now sent for signature with the NDA.

This activity was supported by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association.

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