10:00 am CEST (8:00 am UTC) to 11:30 pm CEST - on ETSI BRIGHTTALK CHANNEL

Today over 1.2 billion Internet netizens are using IPv6 without even knowing it. In the 5G & cloud era, the number of nodes connected to the Internet will exceed 100 billion. IP networks continue to scale rapidly, while network services become more diversified than ever. IPv6 provides a tremendous number of IP addresses and greater options for IP packet forwarding, creating opportunities to offer better network services.
In this webinar, which follows the release of ETSI White Paper No.35, we plan to detail the progress made to date, IPv6 best practices, the benefits, transition challenges, and IPv6 Enhanced Innovation. All of this will also point to the way forward.

Presented by: Will Liu, Latif Ladid, Xiechongfeng, Pascal Thubert, Sebastian Lourdez, Anthony Brand

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