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Standardized commercial products and services substantially contribute to the overall global economy and quality of life of citizens around the world. 5G related investments by EU member states are estimated to be in the order of €56.6 billion in 2020 and €58 billion in 2025 which will be likely to create 2.3 million jobs in Europe. 
The global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry has established a highly successful framework for driving state-of-the-art research results into commercial products and services. This framework is based on three key pillars: research and innovation, standardization and industrialization. 

At ETSI we understand that research and innovation are key to drive the future technologies which will at one point be brought into standardization bodies to enable global interoperability.   
The virtual ETSI event, “Boosting the Impact of Research & Innovation through Standardisation”, organized in partnership with TelecomTV intends to regroup all of the most significant actors involved in this ICT research, innovation and standards ecosystem and examine together what more can be done as we move from 5G deployments to beyond 5G research and into the 6G era.

The virtual event includes much online content, interviews, status presentations and also several possibilities for the audience to interact with the expert speakers and panellists. The event will run over 24 and 25 November 2020.
The detailed Conference Programme and speakers' biographies will soon be available on the TelecomTV site. (before end of October)

Should you have any questions about the event please feel to contact [email protected].

Should you have any questions about research and innovation opportunities in ETSI please contact [email protected]

The detailed and full programme will be available by the end of October

Event Theme - Day 1, Tues 24 November 2020  :  Research Innovation Standards Ecosystem: The opportunities, enablers and challenges as we move beyond 5G

With 5G deployments well underway, there is still incredibly innovative research happening in industry and academia, all destined to move 5G networks to the next level, beyond 5G (B5G), as well as many disruptive technologies and even disruptive use cases emerging that are beginning to shape the initial thoughts on what 6G needs to be.  
This session sees expert speakers from the most significant Policy, Research, Industry and Standards groups presenting the state of play and their plans for the near future.  
Europe has ambitions to become a leader in 6G and in order to make this happen a new approach needs to be taken. Horizon Europe (2021 - 2027) sees the next phase of European investment in research, and the optimization and efficiency when bringing research results quickly to the global market through the use of standards is a clear advantage.  
This session will examine what needs to be done and who will be doing it both through individual effort and the all-important collective collaborative initiatives.  

Event Theme - Day 2, Wed 25 November 2020 :  Making it happen: A Technology Deep Dive on Research opportunities in Standards 

Beyond words and promises, solid examples are often the best way to illustrate what needs to be done. The second day of the event seeks to further develop the discussion around the opportunities and barriers for research projects attempting to influence standards and markets.   
Taking three key technology areas, Radio evolution, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, the session will match leading research projects with standards experts in the same technical domain. The objective is to clearly identify what are the problems, the success stories and the enabling tools that researchers, standardizers and policy makers may put in place to remove the identified barriers and accelerate research uptake in standards groups. 
The second industry panel will examine what needs to be done to put Europe firmly at the centre for 6G research, innovation, market and future deployments.  Identifying the key enablers, the challenges and agreeing the plan of action.  


Members of the Programme Committee:

  • Rui L. Aguiar: Chairman Networld2020, Telecommunications Institute, University of Aveiro
  • Bernard Barani: Deputy Head of Unit at European Commission - DG CONNECT - Future Connectivity Systems
  • David Boswarthick: Director New Technologies,
  • ETSI Diego Lopez, ISG NFV Network Operators Council,Telefonica
  • Markus Mueck: Chairman ETSI Board LTS008, Intel, Programme Committee Chairman
  • Organizational Support Nathalie Guinet, ETSI Events 
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