ETSI IoT Week 2021 Goes Virtual! The ETSI IoT Week is back as a fully virtual event providing the latest IoT Industry and Standards updates in the face of the current pandemic situation.

ETSI IoT Week 2021: Face the challenges

This year's edition will focus on the major IoT standards achievements that further support the digitalization of society, businesses, and multiple Industries across numerous vertical sectors. It will also focus on how such digitalization enables countermeasures against the current pandemic.

The ETSI IoT Week will include:

  • A tutorial on IoT Semantics and Ontologies: From Data Sharing to Information Sharing using oneM2M, ETSI SAREF and the Semantic Portal.
  • A series of half-day sessions dedicated to:
    • oneM2M: Service Experiences and Best Practices
    • IoT in the Face of the Pandemic: Digitalization and Countermeasures
    • IoT Cybersecurity: Consumers, Smart Cities, e-Health and SMEs: the Standards
    • Artificial Intelligence in IoT: AI Adoption and the Standards

Further key topics will also be presented during the event as on-demand content including EU Vision and Priorities, oneM2M and 3GPP Certifications, IPRs and the Standards, oneM2M Introduction and Status Update, IoT and 3GPP Connectivity, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, StandICT and more.

It is also intended to showcase real-life implementations of standard based technologies using the oneM2M standard and semantic standards applied to real IoT services (oneM2M in action, including Smart Lifts, Home applications, Smart Cities, e-Health applications, etc.).

Standards managers and technical developers, product developers, solution adopters, researchers and users in the IoT sector, will benefit from an up-to-date overview of major European and global trends of IoT deployment and standardization.


Interoperability, interworking, and security remain key factors for a successful development of IoT. This is particularly relevant when ensuring IoT security and semantic interoperability. The event will include an essential update about IoT standards developed in ETSI, oneM2M and 3GPP, that act as the essential “glue" between the various technologies that drive the complex IoT ecosystem. 

An essential element of deploying IoT services is the choice and the availability of IoT communication technologies. Selecting the right IoT connectivity technologies, that are optimized for multiple IoT solutions and work at scale, is essential to ensure futureproof and sustainable IoT deployments.

The challenges imposed by the widespread of the SARS-COV-2 virus in 2019 and 2020 have demonstrated how the IoT digitalization is essential to support the countermeasures required to fight the Pandemic, from personal and home life (smart working, remote access to public services, etc) to the industry IoT capabilities (remote maintenance, Virtual Reality, etc). We have seen how e-health services have become essential tools to support the medical care systems, enabling the remote care of patients limiting the need to enter hospitals. IoT is also taking a direct role in fighting the pandemic with standards enabled technologies such as the Asynchronous Contact Tracing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IoT is an ongoing reality, so it is extremely interesting to do a deep dive into the relations between AI and IoT standardization. Distribution of intelligences between the edge and core of the systems, and the management of data spaces and information are examples of relevant AI aspects in the context of IoT.


If you missed the last edition of ETSI IoT Week in 2019, watch the interviews and feedback in our video filmed during the event in our HQs.

The detailed programme will be available early March 2021.

  • Franck Boissiere, DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • Francisco da Silva, ETSI SmartM2M Vicechair, Huawei Technologies Sweden AB
  • Laura Daniele, TNO
  • Mauro Dragoni, Fondazione Bruno Kessler
  • Raul Garcia-Castro, Raul Garcia-Castro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
  • Patrick Guillemin, ETSI
  • Roland Hechwartner, oneM2M Technical Plenary Chair, Deutsche Telekom
  • Alex Leadbeater, ETSI TC CYBER Chair, BT
  • Maxime Lefrançois, IMT - MINES Saint-Étienne
  • Svetoslav Mihaylov, DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • Enrico Scarrone, ETSI SmartM2M Chair, oneM2M Steering Committee Chair, TIM S.p.A.
  • Cristina Storer, Marketing Consultant
  • Massimo Vanetti, European Digital SME Alliance
  • Laurent Velez, ETSI
  • Michelle Wetterwald, ETSI STF on Cross-domain usability of IoT devices for humans and machines, FBConsulting / Netellany
  • Suno Wood, ETSI EP eHEALTH Chair, eG4U
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