The workshop will unveil the new Smart Secure Platform developed by ETSI TC SCP, explaining why an evolution was needed, its purpose, introducing the technical specifications and discussing vertical applications.

The day will also discuss which verticals and applications could use this new technology, the impact of the introduction of the SSP on the overall market, and what still needs to be defined. It will be an opportunity to get feedback from non-telecommunication stakeholders.

The Programme Committee is currently seeking input on the following subjects:

  1. Which application domains could use the SSP for which purpose?
  2. Does the current SSP standard fulfil the needs from those verticals?
  3. Impact of the iSSP on the market

Fill in the presentation proposal webform for the Smart Secure Platform thread by 20 November 2019.

Should you have any query, please contact

ETSI would like to thank the following people for their involvement in this event:

  • Hakim Mkinsi (ETSI)
  • Klaus Vedder (TC SCP chair, Samsung)
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