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Trust and privacy together with cost and flexibility are key to security solutions for many applications in today’s digital world. To address this challenge, ETSI Technical Committee Smart Card Platform, who standardized the former generations of SIM cards, has been working on a brand-new security platform called Smart Secure Platform (SSP).

The workshop will unveil this next generation platform, explaining why an evolution was needed, what has been defined for which purpose and introducing the technical specifications. Though this platform is disruptive from a technology point of view it also provides a smooth migration path for applications such as the SIM based on the current platform, the UICC.

The day will also discuss which verticals and applications could use this new technology, the impact of the introduction of the SSP on the overall market, and what still needs to be defined. It will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to discuss their needs as well as providing feedback for the future development of the SSP.

The Thread "SSP: the Disruptive Change of the Secure Elemets markets" will be taking place on 11 June 2020.

  • 9.00

    Session 1: SSP the New Secure Platform Evolution, Requirements and Environment

    This session will discuss the need for a new security platform giving some historical background and comparing the currently used one with the next generation platform, the SSP.

    09.00 Introduction: the Road from the SIM to the SSP
    Klaus Vedder, TC SCP Chairman & Samsung R&D Institute UK 

    The talk will provide the evolution of the security platform from the early days till now and intends to set the scene for SSP. 

    09.30 SSP: The Requirements
    Heiko Kruse, TC SCP Vice Chairman, Rapporteur TS 103 465, CT6 Chairman & IDEMIA
    Sophie Diallo, TC SCP REQ Vice Chairman & BOUYGUES Telecom

    The talk will on a high level describe the requirements as defined in ETSI TS 103 465, for the new secure platform and outline the differences to the UICC, the current security platform (used, for instance, for the SIM). It also covers topics such as privacy.

    10.00 SSP: The Ecosystem
    Davide Pratone, TC SCP REQ Chairman & Huawei

    The talk will describe changes in the procurement chain and in the vertical services deployment.

  • 10.30

    Coffee and Networking Break 

  • 11.00

    Session 2: SSP: The Technical Realisation

    This section covers the published specifications ETSI TS 102 666-1 and -2 as well as the SPI protocol in ETSI TS 103 713. It also provides detailed information on certification and testing issues.

    11.00 SSP: The concept of the Virtual Platform
    Stéphane Schirar, 
    Rapporteur TS 103 666 2, Chairman of GP VPP and OFL Working Group & THALES

    This presentation describes the use within SSP of technologies specified by GlobalPlatform, VPP (virtual primary platform) and OFL (open firmware loader)

    11.20 SSP: General Technical Characteristics, Protocols,
    Michele Berionne, Rapporteur TS 103 666-1 & Google Ireland Limited

    This talk will discuss in detail the general requirements for the technical realisations of the various form factors of the SSP as well as the System on Chip solution.

    11.40 SSP: Remote Management and Administration
    Stéphane Bandin, TC SCP TEC Chairman & Orange

    12:00 SSP: Certification
    Denis Praca, TC SCP Vice Chairman, TC SCP REQ Vice Chairman & THALES

    12.15 SSP: Testing the New Platform
    Andreas Bertling
    , TC SCP TEST Chairman & Comprion GmbH

    This presentation will highlight the differences in testing technology caused by the new form factors and define the scope of the test specifications.

  • 12.30

    Lunch and Networking Break

  • 14.00

    Session 3: Industry Needs in Secure Elements 

    Session in construction

  • 15.00

    Panel Discussion (in construction)

    Final Panel discussion with all previous speakers

ETSI would like to thank the following people for their involvement in this event:

  • Hakim Mkinsi (ETSI)
  • Klaus Vedder (TC SCP chair, Samsung)
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