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One year after coming into force, the workshop will review the state of play of the EU Cybersecurity Act with feedback on the first schemes being adopted and discussion on 5G networks and consumer IoT security certification schemes.

The Cybersecurity Act Thread is taking place on 10 June 2020. 

  • 09.00


  • 09.05

    SESSION 01: Insight into the First Steps of the Cybersecurity Act Reality
    Session chair: Andreas Mitrakas, ENISA

    EC, ENISA and relevant stakeholders will provide the progress of work on the first schemes being under preparation: SOG-IS and Cloud Security certification. Actors will share the lessons learnt from the preparation of those schemes. A review of the first Rolling Work Programme will be provided.

    • 9.05 EC: Turning the Cybersecurity Act into Reality
      European Commission, speaker to be named

    • 9.25 ENISA: Update on the preparation of the 2 first schemes, SOG-IS & Cloud
      ENISA, Speaker to be named

    • 9.45 Toward a European Cloud Cybersecurity Common Certification Scheme: The Current State of Implementation,
      William Ochs, CSPCERT / Cisco

    • 10:05 Q&A / Panel discussion
  • 10.30

    Networking Coffee Break 

  • 11.00

    SESSION 02: Consumer IoT security – Part 1: Harmonization of Standards
    Session chair: Kirsty Paine, NCSC

    • 11.00 ETSI EN 303 645 - A Common Baseline for 'Smart' Consumer Product Security
      Jasper Pandza, DCMS 

    • 11.10 TS 103 701 - Cybersecurity Assessment for Consumer IoT Products
      Gisela Meister, Eurosmart 

    • 11:20 Panel Discussion: How will the future ISO standard interact with the ETSI TS/EN? Can the latter inform the former so we don't reinvent the wheel? How do we make sure we avoid contradictions?
  • 12.30

    Networking Lunch

  • 13.30

    SESSION 02: Consumer IoT security – Part 2 Toward a Single Certification Scheme
    Session chair: Jasper Pandza, DCMS

    This session will discuss how to move forward towards a single certification scheme for consumer IoT devices.

    • 13.30 Eurosmart IoT Security Certification Scheme – eIoT SCS,
      Roland Atoui, Eurosmart

    • 13.40 UK BSI Kitemark
      David Mudd, BSI Group

    • 13.50 IoT Security and SME cyber certification - our experience so far...,
      Jamie Randall, IASME Consortium

    • 14.00 Secure By Design Scheme for the Smart TV Industry
      Alex Buchan, DTG

    • 14.10 Finland's Traficom cybersecurity labels
      Saana Seppänen, Traficom

    • 14.20 IoT Security Rating
      UL Speaker to be named

    • 14.30 Panel: how those individual schemes can contribute to a single one? how to use experience from the Cloud scheme into potential IoT scheme? 
  • 15.00

    Networking Coffee Break

  • 15.30

    SESSION 03: 5G Networks Certification
    Session chair: Colin Whorlow, NCSC

    The session will provide a status of the policy and industry actions to enable effective security of and trust in 5G networks.

    • 16.00 Policy actions at EC and EU member states level regarding 5G networks security
      European Commission, Speaker to be named

    • 16.20 ENISA activities on 5G security
      ENISA, Speaker to be named

    • 16.40 Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme (NESAS)
      Sven Lachmund, Deutsche Telekom

    • 17.00 3GPP SCAS
      Marcus Wong, Futurewei, 3GPP SA3 rapporteur

    • 17.15 Panel : Working together to Effectively Enable Security of and Trust in 5G Networks 
       Panel being finalized.
  • 18.00

    Close of the Day


ETSI would like to thank the following people for their involvement: 

  • Sonia Compans (ETSI)
  • Loic Habermacher (Orange)
  • Sven Lachmund (Deutsche Telekom and GSMA)
  • Wei Liu (Huawei)
  • Andreas Mitrakas (ENISA)
  • Jasper Pandza (DCMS)
  • Colin Whorlow (NCSC)
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