One year after coming into force, the workshop will review the state of play of the EU Cybersecurity Act with feedback on the first schemes being adopted and discussion on 5G networks and consumer IoT security certification schemes.

The Programme Committee is seeking input on the following: 

  • Feedback on 1st security certification schemes being adopted with the Cybersecurity Act
  • 5G network security certification
  • Consumer IoT security certification

Fill in the presentation proposal for the cybersecurity act webform  by 20 November 2019 should you want to submit a contribution.
Contact in case of question. 

ETSI would like to thank the following people for their involvement: 

  • Sonia Compans (ETSI)
  • Loic Habermacher (Orange)
  • Sven Lachmund (Deutsche Telekom and GSMA)
  • Wei Liu (Huawei)
  • Andreas Mitrakas (ENISA)
  • Jasper Pandza (DCMS)
  • Colin Whorlow (NCSC)
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