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This day will cover the status on the deployment and roll-out of 5G networks and the practical challenges at hand. We’ll discuss about the new security features (e.g. Internet of Things, network virtualization,...), about robustness and reliability of the networks and what is on the agenda for the 5G security standardization in the next phase. We will also look into regulation related to mobile networks.

5G networks security certification will be covered the next day.

The Thread "Deploying 5G Securely" will be taking place on 9 June 2020.

  • 09.00

    SESSION 1: 5G Deployment
    Chaired by Marcus Wong, Futurewei

    In this session we will get feedback from network vendors and operators on their experience with deploying 5G in the field.

    • 9:00 Secure Core Network Migration
      Silke Holtmanns, Nokia

    • 09.20 Beyond 5G Security – Operator’s Experience
      Joonwoon Kim , SK Telecom

    • 09.40 GSMA Investigation on 5G Security – Tracking Security Open Issues
      Pieter Veenstra, Net Number

    • 10.00 Questions and Answers with the Session Speakers
      Moderated by Marcus Wong, Futurewei
  • 10.30

    Coffee & Networking Break

  • 11.00

    SESSION 2: 5G Security for Verticals
    chaired by Stefan Schroeder, Deutsche Telekom

    This session will discuss about security needs in other industry segments, and discuss about what 5G security can offer to the verticals.

    • 11.00  Security for Smart Factories
      Linus Thrybom, ABB

    • 11.20  Trusting the Verticals: from a Trusted 5G Core to Rail, Automotive, Medical and Beyond
      Ian Oliver, Nokia

    • 11:40 : 5G Security Enabler on Vertical Industry
      Rong Wu, Huawei

    • 12 00: Security and Privacy Open Issues in the 5G Connected Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)
      Haitham Cruickshank, University of Surrey

    • 12:20 Question & Answers with the Session Speakers
      Moderated by Stefan Schroeder, Deutsche Telekom
  • 13.00

    Lunch and Networking Break

  • 14.30

    SESSION 3 : 5G Security Evolution
    chaired by Noamen Ben Henda Ericsson

    This session will discuss the most recent 5G security features, and efforts within the industry for continuous improvement of 5G security.

    • 14.30 3GPP 5G Security Updates
      Noamen Ben Henda 3GPP SA3 Chair Ericsson

    • 14.50 Authentication Mechanisms in 5G System
      Takahito Yoshikawa, KU Leuven

    • 15:10 Improving 5G Security through Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure – GSMA CVD Programme
      James Skuse, GSMA

    • 15:30 Questions and Answer Session with the Session Speakers
      moderated by Noamen Ben Henda Ericsson, 3GPP SA3 Chair
  • 16.00

    Coffee & Networking Break

  • 16.30

    SESSION 04: Security Challenges and Regulatory Aspects
    chaired by Bengt Sahlin, Ericsson

    This session discusses security challenges due to new technological advancements, and discussed regulatory aspects related to 5G security

    • 16.30 Security Challenges in 5G Multi-access Edge Computing
      Tomasz Osko, Orange

    • 16.50 How to improve the security of business and communities and ensure future prosperity in a country
      David Soldani, Huawei

    • 17:10 Questions and Answers with the Session Speakers 
      moderated by Bengt Sahlin, Ericsson
  • 17.10

    Wrap up of the Day
    Bengt Sahlin, Ericsson


ETSI would like to thank the following people for their involvement: 

  • Noamen Ben Henda (3GPP SA3, chair, Ericsson)
  • Mirko Cano-Soveri (ETSI)
  • Alex Leadbeater (BT)
  • Bengt Sahlin (Ericsson)
  • Stefan Schröder (T-Systems)
  • Marcus Wong (Futurewei)
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