This day will cover the status on the deployment and roll-out of 5G networks and the practical challenges at hand. We’ll discuss about the new security features (e.g. Internet of Things, network virtualization,...), about robustness and reliability of the networks and what is on the agenda for the 5G security standardization in the next phase. We will also look into regulation related to mobile networks.

5G networks security certification will be covered the next day.

The Programme Committee is seeking input on the following subjects:

  1. 5G new security features (e.g. IoT…)
  2. 5G security regulation (EU input, national requirements)
  3. 5G deployment issues (status of deployments, practical challenges at hand)
  4. 5G security robustness/reliability (e.g. interferencejamming)
  5. 5G security virtualization

Fill in the presentation proposal webform for the Deploying 5G Securely Thread by 20 November 2019.

Contact in case of question. 

ETSI would like to thank the following people for their involvement: 

  • Noamen Ben Henda (3GPP SA3, chair, Ericsson)
  • Mirko Cano-Soveri (ETSI)
  • Alex Leadbeater (BT)
  • Bengt Sahlin (Ericsson)
  •  Stefan Shröder (T-Mobile)
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