ETSI is organizing an Open Meeting on Smart cities and communities to be held at the Bloom Hotel, Brussels on 11 December 2019. The aim of the meeting is to discuss how standardization can meet citizen and consumer requirements.

Standards are confusing for cities in the first place, and the needs of the citizen  including usability, accessibility, or data security are not often taken into account.

ETSI’s Human Factors Technical Committee, is preparing a Technical Report with recommendations giving an overview of existing and needed standardization relating to the requirements of inhabitants of or visitors to smart cities or communities. The Report will examine the standards landscape in this context, and make recommendations as to how the current situation can be improved.

The * draft Report is now on-line for public comments. It will also be presented to this meeting and the outcome of the discussions will be taken into account in preparing the final version of the Report and recommendations.

  • 08:30

    Registration and Welcome Coffee

  • 09:00

    Welcome and Introduction to the Day
    John Ketchell, Leader ETSI STF561 

  • 09:05

    ANEC – Consumers as citizens
    Stephen Russell, Secretary-General, ANEC 

  • 09:25

    European Commission Policies on Smart Cities 
    Franck Boissière, DG CNECT/E.4, European Commission

  • 09:45

    Introduction to the Smart Citizen Report and Recommendations
    STF 561 Team: Emmanuel Darmois, John Ketchell, Jacqui Taylor, Ricardo Vitorino

  • 10:15

    Panel 1:  Setting the Scene – Smart Cities and their Challenges
    The panel will take an overview of the interaction between cities (rather, local communities) and the technologies that will enable them to become more intelligent.  Are cities – which seldom have expert resources - at the mercy of technology providers or consultants in terms of solutions?   How can they maximise the benefits from digitalisation of services?   What are the key challenges to a more integrated approach?

    Moderator: Ricardo Vitorino, ETSI STF561

    • Franck Boissière, DG CNECT/E.4, European Commission
    • Niall Connolly, Vice-President, All-Ireland Smart Cities Forum
    • Nikolaos Kontinakis, Eurocities
    • Davor Meersman, Open and Agile Smart Cities 
  • 11:15

    Networking Coffee Break

  • 11:45

    Panel 2:  Citizens Needs in their Environment and with Authorities
    The panel will consider the needs of citizens in a smart community.  Are their needs for safe, reliable and transparent services often forgotten? Taking into account citizens’ wide diversity, how can the interests of every member of communities, including younger and older persons, as well as persons with disabilities, be met?  How can citizens’ interfaces with their local authority be improved?

    Moderator: Emmanuel Darmois, ETSI STF561

    • Nikolaos Fioratos, Vice-Chairman, ETSI TC HF
    • Alejandro Moledo, European Disability Forum
    • Nhu Tram, AGE-Platform Europe
    • John Zib, European Integrated Project on Smart Cities and Communities
  • 12:45

    Buffet Lunch and Networking

  • 14:00

    ETSI: The Standards People
    Dirk Weiler, ETSI Board Chairman

  • 14:15

    Panel 3: Smart City Standards Landscape

    The panel will take an overview of current standards issues relating to smart cities.  There are still relatively few dedicated smart city standards;  are these being used? But far more standards on other topics are also relevant to smart cities – who knows about them? Some enlightened cities are standards aware, but what of others, who may not have the resources to follow?  Is there a need for more collaboration between standards organisations?

    Moderator: Bernard Gindroz, Chairman, CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart and Sustainable Cities Sector Forum

    • Emilio Davila Gonzalez, DG CNECT/F3
    • Simon Hicks, ETSI Board Member
    • Constant Kohler, CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
    • Bart de Lathouwer, Open Geospatial Consortium
  • 15:15

    Panel 4:  Discussion of the Report’s Recommendations, Including Audience Views

    The panel will take a view on the major issues and proposed recommendations included in the draft Report.

    Moderator: Dirk Weiler, ETSI Board Chairman

    • Bernard Gindroz, Chairman, CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart and Sustainable Cities Sector Forum
    • Chiara Giovannini, Deputy Secretary-General, ANEC
    • Nikolaos Kontinakis, Eurocities
    • Davor Meersman, Open and Agile Smart Cities 
  • 16:00

    Conclusions: STF Reaction
    Jacqui Taylor, ETSI STF 561 

  • 16:20

    Closing Remarks
    Dirk Weiler, ETSI Board Chairman

nH Brussels Bloom
Rue Royale
Koningsstraat 250
1210 Brussel

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