ETSI is pleased to endorse the 8th annual SDN NFV World Congress, taking place on 14 to 17 October 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands.

The SDN NFV World Congress is the only neutral forum to assess open networking, network transformation, and business transformation. With SDN no longer fresh news and with NFV being labelled by some within the industry as a 'bubble' we will push the discussion into uncharted territories by bringing together disrupters and varying views that will culminate not in the discussions that some want to have, but all need to have.

The event will bring together industry leaders from tier 1, 2 and 3 operators, data centres, cloud providers, enterprise firms and analysts from a global scope, for the most exciting edition to date.

ETSI will be actively participating in the Multi-player Association Workshop, taking place on Monday, 14 October in the morning. This workshop will bring together representatives from OCP, Broadband Forum, ETSI, TM Forum, ONF, MEF and ONAP to discuss the latest developments within key projects. There will also be extended informal Q&A sessions where to audience can engage with project leaders to better understand how initiatives and standards can help their specific business. ETSI will be represented by Diego Lopez of Telefonica, Chair of ETSI ISG NFV, and Klaus Martiny of Deutsche Telekom, Chair of ETSI ISG ZSM.

Don’t miss the afternoon session on ‘Network Transformation: An ETSI Perspective - How ETSI enables the Transformation of Operator Networks in Convergence with Open Source and Standards‘.  Five key ETSI standards groups are actively working on the building blocks needed to transform todays telecoms network into a self-sustaining and autonomous resource that can adapt to future evolving requirements with a minimum of human intervention.

The session kicks off with presentations by the respective group Chairs who provide insides into the holistic ETSI approach to stimulate a discussion on the way forward.  In the second, deep focus session, the respective ETSI groups present their joint vision on collaboration both in ETSI and outside towards other SDOs and Open Source projects. The session concludes with a panel moderation animated by TelecomTV’s Director of Content, Guy Daniels.

See the full agenda of the 14/10 and for more information visit the event website.

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