Why attend the Executive Track?

Business leaders worldwide are increasingly taking concrete steps to prepare for the quantum era: protecting business continuity, the resilience of critical cyber systems, and the integrity and confidentiality of information assets.

The Executive Track on 5 November is designed for business executives, including CEOs, CTOs and CISOs, and will outline the state of the quantum threat and quantum risk management.

Attendees will learn how quantum computers are poised to disrupt the current technology landscape, and approaches being taken by business and governments to managing the quantum risk to information assets, cyber systems and business continuity, now and into the future of quantum computing.

More precisely, this one day event will be an opportunity to:

Get an executive level overview of quantum computing, why it is important and how it will disrupt the IT landscape:

  • Authenticating a transaction with your bank, updating the software on your computer, protecting your corporate network, accessing and controlling connected devices – all of these standard tasks face significant threats from quantum computers.
  • Find out how leading vendors are approaching this massive increase in cyber vulnerability and planning for security enhancements that will also protect against the quantum threat;
  • Find out about the commercially available conventional solutions and how they can help prepare your organization for a quantum future;
  • Discuss the road ahead for both the ICT Industry and the CxOs that need to build plans to ensure that they are well protected from the evolving threat of a quantum computer.
  • 9.00 Welcome Remarks

    Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI

    Michele Mosca, IQC

    Matt Campagna, Amazon Web Services 

  • 9.15 Keynotes Speeches

    Our Secure Quantum Future – How to Keep Calm and Keep Doing Business
    Jaya Bayoo, KPN

    Quantum computing/quantum-safe-crypto/quantum risk management Introduction
    Michele Mosca, IQC

  • 10.30 Coffee and Networking Break - Table Tops Visits
  • 11.10 Keynotes (Continuation)

    11.10 Post Quantum Cryptography in the Cloud
    Ken Beer, Amazon Web Services

    11.30 Quantum Cyber Risk Management for Business
    Bob Blakley, CITI Group

  • 12.00 Panel Public Sector Views on Quantum Computers Moderated by Michael Groves, NCSC

    Governments around the world are concerned about the threats and opportunities posed by Quantum Computing. Learn more about their views and engagement activities.

    • Lily Chen, NIST
    • Manfred Lochter, BSI
    • Bridget Walshe, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
  • 12.45 Networking Lunch & Table Tops Visits
  • 14.15 Industry Panel on Migration Challenges? Moderated by Matt Campagna, Amazon Web Services

    Why this isn’t a weekend job and the costs/benefits of a pro-active versus reactive approach.

    • Brian LaMarccia, Microsoft
    • Michael Osborne, IBM Zurich Research Lab
    • Nick Sullivan, Cloudflare
  • 15.00

    Current state of Global Standardization Activities in Quantum-Safe Cryptography and its Significance for Business
    Colin Whorlow, NCSC

  • 15.20 Networking and Coffee Break & Table Tops Visits
  • 16.00 Closing Discussion with Audience

    moderated by MIchele Mosca, IQC 

    • Does quantum-readiness need to be in your 5 year plan? If no, why not?
    • How are you addressing Quantum Readiness in your organization?
    • How are you addressing the aging RSA and ECC infrastructure?
    • etc..
  • 16.45 - 18.00 Networking Drink

The 7th ETSI-IQC Quantum-Safe Cryptography Workshop will be held in Amazon Web Services Headquarters in Seattle, US.
Amazon Meeting Center, 2031 7th Avenue, Seattle WA 98121WA 98121

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