ETSI, in partnership with ERILLISVERKOT and the support of TCCA and the European Commission, will organize the fourth MCX Plugtests event which will take place from 23rd to 27th September 2019 at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, KUOPIO, FINLAND. 

What are the objectives and scope of the Plugtests event?

The concept of “Mission Critical Push To Talk" (MCPTT), “Mission Critical Data (MCData) ” and “Mission Critical Video (MCVideo)” has been specified in 3GPP Release 13, 14 and 15.
Interoperability and Mission Critical service harmonization are critical challenges for the successful deployment and operation of Mission Critical Communication.

The goal of the MCX Plugtests event is to validate the interoperability of a variety of implementations using different scenarios based on 3GPP Mission Critical Services in Release 14. The tests will be based on 3GPP, ETSI and IETF standards, and are designed for:

  • MCS Application Server vendors (MCPTT, MCDATA, MCVIDEO)
  • MC Client vendors (MCPTT, MCDATA, MCVIDEO)
  • UE vendors
  • EPC vendors
  • eNB vendors
  • eMBMS vendors
  • SIP/IMS Core vendors
  • Control Room vendors
  • MCS test equipment vendors

The purpose and scope of the MCX Plugtests event are to trial independently and jointly all components of the MC communication chain, such as:

MC Services Common Functionalities:

  • User authentication and service authorization
  • Service configuration
  • Affiliation and de-affiliation
  • Extended Location Features
  • (Dynamic) Group Management
  • Identity management
  • MC Security framework
  • Encryption (media and control signalling)

MCPTT Enhancements:

  • First-to-answer call setup (with and without floor control)
  • Floor control for audio cut-in enabled group
  • Updating the selected MC Service user profile for an MC Service
  • Ambient listening call
  • MCPTT private call-back request
  • Remote change of selected group


  • Group Call (including emergency group calls, imminent peril group calls and emergency alerts)
  • Transmission Control


  • Short Data Service (SDS)
  • File Distribution (FD) (on-network)
  • Transmission and Reception Control
  • Handling of Disposition Notifications
  • Communication Release

The test cases will be mainly based on the ETSI TS 103 564.
This 4th Plugtests event will focus on tests with radio equipment (eNBs, UEs, EPCs) with Unicast and Multicast support but will also allow Over-The-Top (OTT) testing of Mission Critical Servers and Clients. Observers and vendors are welcome to help defining the scope (i.e. functionality to be tested) for this event.

What will be the advantages of attending the 4th MCX Plugtests event?

  • To assess the level of interoperability of your implementations
  • To validate your understanding of the standards
  • To test with (many) other real implementations and demonstrate end-to-end interoperability
  • To debug your implementation: early bug fixing, saving time and costs
  • To promote the technology and the ecosystem

Observers will be able to evaluate the test statistics in the TRT (Test reporting Tool) provided they have signed the NDA of the MCX Programme.

This event will be hosted by the Savonia University of Applied Sciences  at this address: Opistotie 2, Kuopio, Finland


All participants MUST REGISTER to the event even if they participated in the previous event of the MCX Plugtests Programme. 

Unlike previous Plugtests events, all participants are expected to register individually in the new application instead of having one single person registering all of her/his colleagues. Each first person in a company to register to this event is de facto the official contact for technical and logistics matters.

After registration, new participants who join the MCX Plugtests Programme will be invited to the preparation conference calls and be subscribed to the Plugtests mailing list dedicated to the MCX Plugtests event. 

Participants who joined the MCX Plugtests Programme during the 3rd MCX remote Plugtests event remain by default on the dedicated mailing list and will receive invitations to the conference calls on this mailing list. 

Registration deadline was originally planned for 20 June 2019, however registrations will now close on 20 May 2019 instead. 

The event is free of charge.


By registering to the 4th MCX Plugtests event, new participating organisations join the MCX Plugtests Programme and need to sign the non-disclosure agreement they will receive upon registration. This NDA will cover the series of remote and face-to-face Plugtests events held as part of the MCX Plugtests Programme. Companies which previously signed the NDA of the Programme when registering to the MCX 3 remote Plugtests event do not need to sign the NDA again. Only new organisations joining the Programme will receive the NDA for signature.

Upon signature of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) sent to the official contact, the participants will receive their credentials for the 4th MCX Plugtests WIKI. Participants who registered to the MCX 3 remote Plugtests event and signed the NDA will keep their credentials which they can reuse for the 4th MCX Plugtests WIKI.

Participants will not be allowed to participate in the event if the NDA of the Programme has not been signed by a representative of their company.

The deadline to return the signed NDAs to ETSI is 27 June 2019.

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