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Cyber Security & Policy Actions

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This workshop addresses the potential and need for European collaboration on cyber security challenges. SDOs and policy folks will be brought together to work through two key areas of policy: the ePrivacy regulation and the Cybersecurity Act. These challenges include, but are not limited to: finding where standards need to be created to implement these policies, finding certification schemes fit for purpose and fit for the future, and where SDOs, ENISA and other stakeholders need to collaborate to fulfil these aims.

Event Objectives

Attendees will:

  • Learn about ePrivacy regulation and the Cybersecurity Act
  • Know what work needs to be done by standards organisations with regards to these policies
  • Appreciate what these regulations mean for certification schemes
  • Understand the outcomes from the collaborative ETSI/ENISA/CEN/CLC Cybersecurity 2019 workshop

Target audience

This session is aimed at those impacted with the Cybersecurity Act or ePrivacy regulation, including industry, governments, user organizations, standards organisations who need to collaborate to create standards for these policies, and any attendees wishing to know more about these topics.


The thread on Cyber Security & Policy Actions will be taking place on 18th June 2019.

Below is the stable agenda for this thread. 

  • 09.00

    Day Introduction
    Colin Whorlow, NCSC

  • 09.10

    Cybersecurity Act - Setting the Scene
    Chaired by Colin Whorlow, NCSC

    • Joannis Askoxylakis EC DG CNECT
    • Steve Purser ENISA
    • Dag Stroman SOG-IS and CCRA - management committee
    • Jean-Pierre Quemard ESOs (CEN, CLC, ETSI)
  • 10:30

    Coffee and Networking Break

  • 11:00

    What is the Cyber Territory of a Country?
    Silke Holtmanns, Nokia Bell Labs

  • 11:15

    Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity Act & Cloud
    Chaired by Andreas Mitrakas, ENISA


    This session will run through an example of what needs to be done, what the impacts are on stakeholders, including for non-European providers.

    • Pierre Chastanet, EC DG CNECT
    • Ange Ferrari, Amazon
    • Damir Savanovic, Cloud Security Alliance 
    • Other speakers to be confirmed
  • 12:15

    PRE LUNCH KEYNOTE; Preparing for the EU Cybersecurity Legislation in the EU Product Legislation
    François Ambrosini, P3 communications GmbH

  • 12.:30
  • 14:00

    Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity Act & Industrial IoT
    Moderated by Slawek Gorniak, ENISA

    • Eric Vetillard NXP, ECSO
    • Martin Schaffer, SGS
    • Paul Theron, Cranfield University
  • 15.00 Coffee and Networking Break
  • 15:30

    Panel Discussion on Cybersecurity Act & Consumer IoT
    Moderated by Colin Whorlow, NCSC

    • John Moor, IoT Security Foundation
    • Mona Mustapha, GSMA
    • Jasper Pandza DCMS & ETSI
    • Herve Rannou Cityzen data
  • 16:30

    Moderated by Jean-Pierre Quemard, KAT

    This session will be focused on discussing issues around ePrivacy: what is ePrivacy? What is the industry's view on ePrivacy and what can/must standards do here.

    • Nacéra Bekhat, CNIL
    • Ilias Chantzos, Symantec
    • Anna Ciesielska, EC DGCNECT
    • Rusné Juozapaitiene, ANEC
    • Christina Vela Marimon, Telefonica, ETNO
  • 18.00

    Conclusion of the Day
    Colin Whorlow, NCSC

Roberto Cascella, ECSO
Sonia Compans, ETSI
Margot Dor, ETSI
Slawek Gorniak, ENISA
Alex Leadbeater, BT
Andreas Mitrakas, ENISA
Kirsty Paine, NCSC
Jean-Pierre Quemard, KAT
Colin Whorlow, ENISA Management Board Member & NCSC, PC Chair

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