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This year’s ETSI Summit will review the current and future applications of Artificial Intelligence, as well as identifying the potential challenges and opportunities of deploying AI massively across the industry.


Artificial Intelligence has been present in our society for decades, but can now be considered as “coming of age”. The increasing application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in many Industries is in part due to the progress made in AI technologies, the availability of highly powerful computing resources, as well as the existence of the massive amounts of Big Data that are needed to facilitate algorithmic learning. The ETSI summit on AI will seek to separate the hype from the science and provide better understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as well as describing where AI is currently deployed using practical examples.

AI is becoming an integral part of our networks and services, and is present across multiple domains such as finance, manufacturing, medical, telecommunications and transportation to name just a few. The summit will examine how AI will be used in telecommunications, particularly in network and service management for virtualized networks. One domain where AI will be particularly transformational is in the manufacturing industry, bringing improvements in productivity and quality through the applied use of robotics and analytics. This will be examined in a dedicated session during the event. Particularly relevant to the work in standards, is the question of how AI can also be used to help us to standardize in different ways, better and faster. What are the opportunities and threats for standards makers and standards users? 

When considering AI, it is also important to examine the topics of societal change, ethics, as well the methods required for monitoring and securing the AI elements.

The ETSI Summit on AI will offer a rich and stimulating programme to the audience, as well as providing unique learning and networking opportunities.

This summit is of particular interest to: leaders from the Manufacturing Industry; decision-makers in AI strategy and adoption; professionals, experts and researchers involved in AI developments and deployments; National Security Organizations dealing with security AI elements; European Commission and regulatory organizations; ETSI, oneM2M and 3GPP members who are working with AI; Standards Developing Organizations and Fora representatives who are active in the field of AI.

Reserve your place now – the ETSI Summit is free of charge but space is limited.

Scope of the event

This year’s ETSI Summit will review the current and future applications of AI, as well as identifying the potential challenges and opportunities of deploying AI massively across the industry and will aim to address key topics including the following:

  • What do we really mean by AI? Where is AI already present in our daily lives?
  • What is AI’s role in the telecommunication sector?
  • How does the manufacturing industry use AI for better performance, efficiency of production and distribution e.g. through AI empowered robotics and analytics?
  • Challenges and opportunities:
    • What are the societal and ethical issues?
    • Securing and monitoring AI applications
    • Ensuring predictability and reliability of AI through eg. certification
    • Standards for AI or standards with AI?
    • Are new methods of technological and/or organizational cooperation needed?
    • Global standards versus national differences in data and privacy rights?

Each session will include a series of presentations followed by a panel discussion.

  • 08:00

    Registration / Check-in

  • Welcome
  • 09:00

    Welcome Address

  • Session 1: Setting the scene - Artificial Intelligence Today
  • 09:10

    The session will address the following key questions: What is AI and the different ‘levels’ of AI? Where AI is presently used and what is the European Commission strategy with regards to AI in Europe and beyond?

  • 10:10

    Networking Coffee

  • Session 2: AI in the Telecommunications Industry
  • 10:40

    The session will examine the applicability of AI in the telecommunications sector with a focus on network management and the role of AI in 5G networks.

    The panel will address the future of the telecommunications companies business using AI, the challenges, and opportunities.

  • 12:20

    Networking Lunch

  • Session 3: The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing
  • 13:40

    The session will highlight the benefits of applying AI in Industry e.g. AI / ML in a ‘smart factory’; as well as identify potential new areas and challenges of enabling AI in the manufacturing sector.

    The panel will address how AI is revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry.

  • 15:20

    Networking Coffee

  • Session 4: Challenges and Opportunities of Using AI
  • 15:50

    The session will examine how the largescale deployment of AI in our networks and services will present both great opportunities as well as new challenges such as societal and ethical considerations and new security requirements.

    The panel “New Opportunities - Standards for AI, Cooperation and the Way Forward” will address the following questions:  Which elements of AI could be standardized? Are new methods of technological and/or organizational cooperation needed?  Global standards versus national differences in data and privacy rights?

  • Final Session: Closing Remarks
  • 17:10

    The final session will provide a summary of the day’s discussions.

  • 17:20

    End of the event


650, Route des Lucioles
06560 Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis

Tel: +33 4 92 94 42 00

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