Textbook & slideset

ETSI has developed a set of teaching materials on standardization. We have produced a 2nd Edition of the comprehensive textbook, "Understanding ICT Standardization: Principles and Practice", together with an extensive set of over 380 slides to be used as teaching aides.

The textbook ‘Understanding ICT Standardization’ and the slideset can be downloaded as PDF files.

Edition 2 of the textbook (in PDF format).
Edition 2 of the slideset (in PDF format).

Request a PowerPoint copy of the slides and a license to integrate them into your coursework or training by filling out the following request form.

ETSI welcomes feedback on the use of these teaching materials. Please complete our survey in order to provide your comments.

If you want more information on the ETSI Education about Standardization activities please contact education@etsi.org.

You can still download Edition 1 of the textbook and the slideset.