Testing of trustworthy systems. Register now for the ETSI UCAAT event!

Sophia Antipolis, 25 July 2022

The well-established UCAAT event addresses the practical challenges of testing and test automation faced by industry today. UCAAT 2022 will be hosted by Siemens in Munich on 13-15 September. Registration is now open. Join us!

UCAAT News 2022 in articleUCAAT is dedicated to all aspects of automated testing and is not limited in scope. Rapid technical advances in application areas, such as information and communication technology, industrial automation, transport (automotive, avionics, rail), enterprise information technology, healthcare, and biotechnology, as well as shifting operational landscapes, such as DevOps practices and machine learning techniques applied to software development, are placing ever-increasing demands on testing.

Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on complex software systems and widely interconnected systems of systems that are taking over more and more crucial tasks in our daily lives. These systems will be only accepted by their users if they offer a high level of trust in various facets, ranging from safety, availability and business integrity, to robustness, security and other areas. Moreover, these large systems integrate many different technologies, such as artificial intelligence or semantic networks, that are challenging on their own. Testing and certifying them has, therefore, become an urgent task that needs to be addressed with appropriate methods, tools, and processes. In particular, UCAAT 2022 aims to discuss all aspects concerning the trustworthiness of systems and how it can be best tackled by testing. UCAAT 2022 provides a unique opportunity for practitioners, tool vendors, test service providers and researchers, from many different application domains, to come together.

Attendees will be able to discuss:

  • Experience gained and lessons learned from the adoption of novel test automation techniques, methods, and tools
  • The long-term application and the latest advances in the industrial use of test automation

You can view the complete agenda, answer the call for presentations and register here: https://www.etsi.org/ucaat