First ETSI NFV API conformance test event in remote mode

Sophia Antipolis, 10 May 2019

From February 4 to April 15, 2019, ETSI organized a remote NFV API Plugtests® event with the support of its Centre for Testing and Interoperability. The Remote NFV API Plugtests was not only the first to be entirely remote; it was also the first entirely dedicated to the testing of NFV APIs.

The whole NFV ecosystem participated, including suppliers, operators and several open source projects such as ETSI OSM, OPNFV, Open Baton, OpenStack, Open Air Interface Software Alliance and SonataNFV.

As a result, 12 Function Under Tests (FUT) and 15 API servers were tested. The total of 809 tests had an execution rate of 90.4% and an overall success rate of 83,6%. The report is available at the following link: NFV Plugtest report.

The main objective of the NFV API Plugtest was to validate and provide feedback on the upcoming ETSI NFV TST010 API Conformance Test Specification and the associated Robot test suite before its publication. It also allowed participants to assess the compliance of their NFV API server implementations with several ETSI specifications, namely ETSI NFV-SOL002, NFV-SOL003 and NFV-SOL005, and  validate and collect comments on the specifications and their associated OpenAPI definitions.

NFV Plugtests' activities provide a unique opportunity to exchange, collaborate and make significant progress in the implementation of NFV standards.

The next NFV Plugtests will take place in a Face-to-Face event in ETSI facilities at Sophia Antipolis from 3 to 7 June. It will offer NFV and MEC solution providers and open source projects an opportunity to meet and assess the level of interoperability of their NFV and Edge solutions, while they validate their implementation of NFV and MEC specifications and APIs.