Industry Specification Group (ISG) Non-IP Networking (NIN)

We concentrate on candidate network protocol technologies that could be alternatives to TCP/IP. We will work on documenting the requirements for the network protocols that can natively and efficiently support the evolving demands of infoComms towards 2030 and beyond. We will also document the eventual shortcomings that currently exist or are likely to emerge in current network protocols. The ISG will formulate a series of Group Specifications defining new protocols that can meet the requirements for future networks.

Our activities include a number of broad areas such as an extension of the technology specified in GS NGP 013 to the RAN, control plane protocols and network management, addressing and identification, timing and synchronization, security and privacy, interworking with legacy systems.

Test results and proof points consist of benchmark against the KPIs published in GS NGP 012, in order to demonstrate benefit in comparison to current network protocols; interworking and coexistence between NIN and IP-based domains; implementation guidelines and considerations, including interoperability test cases; interoperability Plugtests and publication of test results.

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