Industry Specification Group (ISG) Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)

ISG NFV has developed over 100 different specifications and reports for the virtualization of network functions, with focus on the management and orchestration of virtualized resources. From an architectural point of view, NFV specifications describe and specify virtualization requirements, NFV architecture framework, functional components and their interfaces, as well as the protocols and the APIs for these interfaces. Another set of NFV specifications define the structure and format of deployment templates and how to package all artefacts which are used by the NFV management and orchestration framework.

ISG NFV also studies VNF performance, reliability, and resiliency matters, analyzes the security challenges linked to virtualization (trust, attestation, regulation) and specifies associated requirements. In support for 5G deployments, the ISG NFV specifications include support for multi-site and multi-domain deployments, as well as network slicing. New virtualization technologies such as support for containerized VNFs and container infrastructure management are tackled in studies and on-going normative specifications work. In addition, The ISG NFV specifies requirements for hardware acceleration, multi-tenancy, autonomous networks, etc. And a lot is ongoing!

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