Industry Specification Group (ISG) on Millimetre Wave Transmission (mWT)

Deployment of 4G, future needs of 5G and the number of connections required for massive Machine Type Communications in the Internet of Things are making unprecedented demands on radio access networks and backhauling. Millimetre wave technologies are expected to be a major enabler of future mobile communications.

We have published several White Papers and Group Specifications and examined the worldwide Regulations for the v-band (57 to 66 GHz) and e-band (71 to 86 GHz), technology maturity, applications and use cases of millimetre-wave transmission.

Our activities have been enlarged to other topics like exploitation of the much wider spectrum, detailed interference analysis for systems in the v-Band employing Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) technology, extension of the scope of work to lower frequency bands used by wireless transmission for backhaul, use cases of Software-Defined Networking as related to microwave and millimetre-wave transmission.

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