Technical Committee (TC) EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters (ERM)

We are responsible for a range of radio product and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards and the overall co-ordination of radio spectrum matters.

For many years we have provided more than 75% of the Harmonised Standards required under the R&TTE Directive until the arrival of the Radio Equipment Directive in June 2016. The RED has implications for ETSI’s radio work, especially in relation to receivers, software defined radio and cognitive radio. After review and alignment, TC ERM is currently maintaining nearly 150 Harmonised Standards related to the RED.
Since the scope of the RED is broader than the R&TTE Directive, we develop new Harmonised Standards in areas such as radio and TV broadcast receivers, equipment below 9 kHz and radio determination equipment which were not addressed previously.

We liaise with a number of EC groups in which ETSI is an observer, in particular the Expert Group of the Telecommunication Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance Committee (TCAM), the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) and the Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC). We also work closely with the CEPT Electronic Communications Committee (CEPT/ECC), the Radio Equipment Compliance Association (REDCA) and the market surveillance and conformity assessment authorities through ADCO RED (Group of Administrative Co-operation under the RED).

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