ETSI Experiential Networked Intelligence group releases 5 specifications

Sophia Antipolis, 12 June 2018

Using Artificial Intelligence for network performance and quality of service

The ETSI Experiential Networked Intelligence Industry Specification Group (ENI ISG) has released five specifications on use case, requirements, Context Aware Policy Management, terminology and a Proof of Concept (PoC) Framework.

With NFV or network slicing, which are key technologies for 5G, the network becomes more flexible and powerful but remains complex. In adding closed-loop Artificial Intelligence mechanisms and with these first reports and specifications, the ETSI Experiential Networked Intelligence group aims to help operators facilitate their network deployment.

The first technical report, ETSI GR ENI 001, specifies a set of use cases to be applied to the fixed network, the mobile network, or both, and defines the expected benefits operators can gain from using an ENI system. These use cases cover infrastructure management, network operations, service orchestration and management, and assurance.

The second specification ETSI GS ENI 002 captures the requirements of how intelligence is applied to the network in different scenarios to improve operators' experience of service provision and network operation. It also addresses how intelligence enables dynamic autonomous behaviour and adaptive policy driven operation in a changing context. These requirements are intended to be used during the architecture design work.

ETSI GR ENI 003 analyses the work done in various Standards Developing Organizations and open source consortia on policy management in general, and context-aware policy management specifically. This information will be used to develop a specification for a context-aware, policy-based management model and architecture for enhancing the operator’s experience using network intelligence. ETSI GR ENI 004 addresses terminology for the main concepts in ENI.

Proof of Concept

ENI has launched a Proof of Concepts activity whose framework is defined in ETSI GS ENI 006. Proofs of Concept will help provide proof of the technical feasibility of ENI within the Industry.
A PoC review team was created and tasked with reviewing incoming proposals. Each PoC team proposal shall address at least one goal relevant to Experiential Networked Intelligence, related to an ENI Use Case, an ENI Requirement or the suitability of the ENI System Architecture aspect. The output of each PoC project shall contribute to the completion of the version 2 specifications within ISG ENI.

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