Industry Specification Group (ISG) Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI)

We develop specifications for a Cognitive Network Management system with the aim to introduce a metric for the optimization and adjustment of the operator experience over time by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques like machine learning and reasoning. We focus on improving the operator experience to more quickly recognize and incorporate new and changed knowledge, and hence, make actionable decisions, in day-to-day-operations.

Our approach employs the ‘observe-orient-decide-act’ control model which enables the system to adjust the offered services based on changes in user needs, environmental conditions and business goals. We have specified a set of use cases and the derived requirements for a generic technology independent architecture of a network supervisory assistant system.

The introduction of technologies such as SDN, NFV and network slicing means that networks are becoming more flexible, powerful and configurable. ISG ENI will make the deployment more intelligent and efficient.

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