Industry Specification Group (ISG) cross cutting Context Information Management (CIM)

From the digitizing of industrial processes to creating smart services for citizens, it is essential to accurately record data together with its context information and to transfer these without misinterpretation to other systems. Single-purpose solutions work well within a known context but are not suitable for multi-system interoperability.

Our mission is to make it easier for end-users, city databases, Internet of Things and 3rd-party applications to exchange information. Cross-cutting Context Information Management is the exchange of information, with proper formal definitions, between vertical applications, so that these applications get the original meaning.

Our aim is to enable interoperable software implementations for Context Information Management. It is about bridging the gap between abstract standards and concrete implementations, especially for use cases related to Smart Cities, but also to be extended later to Smart Agrifood and Smart Manufacturing.

Our Application Programming Interface Specification/API (named NGSI-LD with OMA authorization) aims to enable applications to discover, access, update and manage data and context information from many different sources as well as to publish it through interoperable data publication platforms like Open Data platforms.

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