Industry Specification Group (ISG) on IPv6 Enhanced innovation (IPE)

Recent technology innovations, in particular 5G standalone proposition, Industrial IoT, AI and Hybrid-Multi-Cloud systems, generate an impact to the IPv6 networking technology. 

ETSI ISG IPE aims to identify and describe IPv6 based solutions, look into the derived requirements and reference architectures that are needed to enable the deployment of IPv6 across the new and evolving technology domains. The focus is also on the automated IPv6 end-to-end reference architecture by introducing a horizontal approach that complements the activities of other SDOs. 

Furthermore, ETSI ISG IPE aims to provide and demonstrate use cases and proofs of concept to support innovation on IPv6 networking topics and validate standards based approaches. This process seeks to enhance the capture and dissemination from real-life IPv6 deployments, trials and relevant industry projects. The purpose is to allow the rapid convergence of the IPv6 standard, to share best practices in order to allow the smooth transition from legacy solutions. 

ETSI ISG IPE will outline new business cases based on the new emerging technologies enabling IP on everything. This would make the related investments highly remunerative for the adopters, fulfilling innovative scenarios and use cases.

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