Special Committee (SC) User Group Activity Report

Chair: Jean-Yves Monfort, AFUTT

Responsible for formalizing users’ views and requirements for other ETSI bodies, in order to improve standards and their relevancy.

Our Special Committee User Group (SC USER) works with other ETSI technical bodies to ensure that the needs of users are considered. It represents users of ICT products and services, including consumers, business users, telecommunication network operators, service providers and users with special needs.

Primary responsibilities of SC USER include:

  • Production of reports on users' requirements, relating to topics defined by either the group or other relevant ETSI bodies. These reports analyze users' requirements under a functional approach in order to enhance our standardization work;
  • Interfacing with policy and priority setting bodies in ETSI to transmit users' concerns and viewpoints to the European Telecommunications Standardisation;
  • Consultation with other ETSI technical bodies, and distributing consultative questions within the user population at large;
  • Addressing user concerns to relevant ETSI technical bodies, and ensuring that user concerns are taken into account;
  • Organization of meetings in co-operation with relevant national organizations to promote ETSI standards and exchange information on current issues.

The group also liaises with organizations outside ETSI, such as the International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG).

2019 saw publication of four deliverables relating to a user-centric approach in the digital ecosystem. These are intended to define the specifications of a smart interface that anticipates (through AI technologies) customer needs and expectations, based on knowledge of the user’s location, agenda and profiles:

  • User-centric approach: qualification of the interaction with the digital ecosystem [TR 103 604]
  • User-centric approach in Digital Ecosystem [TR 103 438]
  • User-centric approach: guidance for users; best practices to interact in the digital ecosystem [EG 203 602]
  • User-centric approach: guidance for providers and standardization makers [TR 103 603]

Work meanwhile progressed on a Technical Report considering the quality of ICT services – such as video streaming and web RTC – that evaluates reference values for users in order to identify their needs.

Look out for in 2020 - SC User Work in progress

  • Technical Report on Quality of ICT services: evaluation of reference values to select services