Special Committee (SC) User Group Activity Report

Chair: Jean-Yves Monfort, AFUTT

Responsible for formalizing users’ views and requirements for other ETSI bodies, in order to improve standards and their relevancy.

Our User Group special committee (SC USER) works with other ETSI committees to ensure that our standardization work reflects the needs of all users of ICT products and services, including consumers and businesses, network operators, service providers and individuals with special needs. It also liaises with external organizations such as the International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG).

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated society’s reliance on digital platforms and services to support universal requirements for teleworking, online shopping, sharing vital information and simply keeping in touch. It also accentuated how users have become increasingly aware of the importance of quality of service (QoS) and the many factors contributing to it. The committee intends to analyze in detail the behaviours and expectations of users – as studied through two previous surveys – in the context of the pandemic.

In 2020 the committee accordingly published a Technical Report [TR 103 437] examining users’ experience of the digital ecosystem, their expectations and their relationship with services from different providers. Titled ‘Quality of ICT services; New QoS approach in a digital ecosystem’, the report explores service provision perspectives from both the user and supplier side. This report is one of the building blocks to define the Smart Interface, completing work on the user-centric approach in the digital ecosystem.

Look out for in 2021 – SC USER work in progress:

  • Technical Report (TR) on USER survey results and analysis - assesses the impact on users on the use of ICT products and services due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown that has created new use cases and user needs for e‑learning, e-working, entertainments and communications
  • TR on user-centric approach in the digital ecosystem – analysis of user requirements for the Smart Interface and definition of ‘digital clone’
  • TR presenting Proof-of-Concept for Smart Interface for digital ecosystem