Technical Committee (TC) Smart Machine-to-Machine Communications (SmartM2M) Activity Report 2021

Chair: Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia

Developing specifications for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services and applications, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications are the foundations for a fast-emerging world of smart devices, appliances, homes, cities, and communities.

TC SmartM2M (Smart M2M Communications Technical Committee) is the main Technical Body supporting ETSI’s role in the oneM2M Partnership Project ( With much of its work focused on the IoT, SmartM2M creates reports and specifications that enable users to build platforms allowing devices and services to be connected – regardless of the underlying technology used.

Supporting European policy and regulatory requirements including standardization requests in the area of M2M and IoT, the group identifies EU policy and regulatory requirements on M2M services and applications to be developed by SmartM2M, as well as the conversion of these specifications into European Standards.

The wide scope of SmartM2M’s interests sees the committee interacting with several other ETSI Technical Bodies and projects including TCs ITS, SmartBAN, eHealth, EMTEL and ISG CIM.

The committee’s work enables connected devices to exchange information through SAREF, ETSI’s Smart Applications REFerence ontology that runs with oneM2M-compliant communication platforms. Providing building blocks that allow separation and recombination of different parts of the ontology depending on specific needs, SAREF specifies recurring core concepts in the smart applications domain and the relationships between them.

In 2021 TC SmartM2M issued a number of new and/or updated Technical Specifications and Technical Reports.

Published in January as a response to the global pandemic – and subsequently updated in August – TS 103 757 V2.1.1  describes an Asynchronous Contact Tracing (ACT) system that traces an IoT connected object that may have been infected by the Covid-19 virus (or future pandemic viruses). This approach shifts the paradigm from searching for a person in the process of infecting another to the tracing of both potential contamination and infections, and leveraging the combination of this information.

First published in February and subsequently revised in July, TS 103 735 V1.1.2 provides technical specifications for standardization of the IoT systems for Smart Lifts. It discusses information models in the Smart Lift system including signals, alarms, and commands, as well as the mapping to the semantic model of oneM2M (SDT) and ETSI’s SAREF ontology.

Other SmartM2M publications during the year include:

See the full list of TC SmartM2M deliverables published in 2021 here

Meanwhile progress continued on development and maintenance of various deliverables, including SAREF extensions and updates. See the full list of current TC SmartM2M Work Items in progress here.

During 2021 TC SmartM2M maintained its participation in joint CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Coordination Groups on smart meters, smart energy grids and smart manufacturing.

Under the leadership of our Centre for Testing and Interoperability, SmartM2M also continued its contribution to a set of standardized conformance test specifications (Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes and Abstract Test Suite) for oneM2M architecture and core protocols.

Part of ETSI’s New Working Methods initiative, the official ETSI portal for SAREF gives user communities direct links to SAREF ontologies and related work items. See the latest SAREF core, extensions, specifications and documentation at