Technical Committee (TC) Smart Machine-to-Machine Communications (SmartM2M) Activity Report 2019

Chair: Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia S.p.A. 

Responsible for providing specifications for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services and applications, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities.

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications are the foundations for a fast-emerging world of smart devices, appliances, homes and communities.

As the main active technical body representing ETSI in the oneM2M Partnership Project, our Smart M2M Communications committee creates reports and specifications for M2M services and applications, with much of its work focusing on the IoT and smart cities.

Key areas of activity for SmartM2M in 2019 included:

  • Support for EC initiatives in IoT on security, privacy and (semantic) interoperability & Industrial IoT (IIoT) & platforms
  • Provision of readily understandable guidelines on IoT / security, privacy and interoperability, approved during our December 2019 Plenary
  • Successful involvement of SMEs in standardization activities, with progress on Work Item addressing Smart Lifts (requirements, use cases)
  • Finalization of core SAREF V3 and SAREF Communication Framework V2

SAREF is our Smart Applications REFerence ontology that allows connected devices to exchange semantic information. 2019 saw the publication of several SAREF‑related deliverables, notably including finalization of SAREF V3 and SAREF Communication Framework V2. Other publications during the year included SAREF extensions in smart city, industry/manufacturing and agrifood domains; and four Technical Reports (with EC/EFTA support) regarding SAREF extensions in automotive, wearable, e-health/ageing well and watering domains.

We also published a Technical Specification and two Technical Reports concerning smart energy aware systems; and seven Technical Reports (developed with EC/EFTA support and in cooperation with the AIOTI) considering security/privacy and semantic interoperability of standardized IoT platforms and industrial IoT.

During the year SmartM2M published the following Technical Specifications and Technical Reports:

  • TR 103 608 "SAREF publication framework reinforcing the engagement of its community of users”
  • TS 103 548 “SAREF consolidation with new reference ontology patterns, based on the experience from the SEAS project”
  • TR 103 549 “Guidelines for consolidating SAREF with new reference ontology patterns, based on the experience from the SEAS project”
  • TR 103 591 “Privacy study report; Standards Landscape and best practices”
  • TR 103 547 “SAREF extension investigation; Requirements for the Water domain
  • TR 103 537 “Plugtests™ preparation on Semantic Interoperability”
  • TR 103 536 “Strategic/technical approach on how to achieve interoperability/interworking of existing standardized IoT Platforms”
  • TR 103 535 “Guidelines for using semantic interoperability in the industry”
  • TR 103 534-1 and TR 103 534-2 – Teaching material (security & privacy)
  • TR 103 533 “Security; Standards Landscape and best practices”
  • SAREF extension investigation:
  • Extensions to SAREF:

A number of new work items were also approved during the year, including additional SAREF extensions and Artificial Intelligence for IoT.

Under the leadership of our Centre for Testing and Interoperability, SmartM2M contributed to and maintained a set of standardized conformance test specifications (Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes and Abstract Test Suite) for oneM2M architecture and core protocols.

SmartM2M co-operated with TC CYBER in the organization of ETSI Security Week, taking place in June. SmartM2M was also closely involved in a successful ETSI IoT Week, held in October.

As part of ETSI’s new working methods initiative, development continued of ETSI’s official SAREF portal that will give user communities direct links to SAREF ontologies and SAREF-related work items. Launch of this new resource is scheduled in Q4 2020: a pilot site can be viewed via this SAREF website.

Look out for in 2020 - TC SmartM2M work in progress

  • Revision to Technical Specification (TS) on Extension to SAREF; Part 1: Energy Domain
  • Revision to TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 2: Environment Domain
  • Revision to TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 3: Building Domain
  • Revision to TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 4: Smart Cities Domain
  • Revision to TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 5: Industry and Manufacturing Domains
  • Revision to TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 6: Smart Agriculture and Food Chain Domain
  • TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 7: Automotive Domain
  • TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 8: eHealth/Ageing-well Domain
  • TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 9: Wearables Domain
  • TS on Extension to SAREF; Part 10: Water Domain
  • TS on SAREF Development Framework and Workflow - Streamlining the Development of SAREF and its Extensions
  • TS on Smart Lifts IoT System
  • Technical Report on Requirements & Feasibility study for Smart Lifts in IoT
  • TR on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and oneM2M architecture
  • TR on AI for IoT: Proof of Concept
  • TRs on oneM2M Discovery and Query:
    • use cases and requirements
    • solutions analysis & selection
    • solution(s) simulation and performance evaluation
    • specification development
  • Special Report: Guidelines for Security, Privacy and Interoperability in IoT System Definition; A Concrete Approach