Activity report 2018-2019

Industry Specification Group (ISG) on Operational energy Efficiency for Users (OEU)

Chairman: Dominique Roche, eG4U

Established to develop specifications for environmentally efficient Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). 

ETSI’s Industry Specification Group on Operational energy Efficiency for Users (ISG OEU) is addressing operational eco-efficient Information and Communications technologies (ICT), including the power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions related to infrastructure, equipment and software within ICT sites (e.g. data centres, central offices) and networks.

The group brings together ICT professionals from a wide cross-section of European industry including the aeronautical and automotive sectors, banking and insurance and smart cities. ISG OEU works closely with ETSI’s Access, Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing (TC ATTM) and Environmental Engineering (TC EE) committees, and benefits from involvement in its work of the European Commission (EC), specifically DG Growth and DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CNECT).

ISG OEU supports European Commission (EC) Mandate M/462 on efficient energy use in fixed and mobile information and communication networks.

In 2018 we issued a Group Report on the Energy Efficient IP Video Surveillance Systems over Coaxial Cables in order to support its standardisation. This new proposed IP video surveillance solution allows the reuse of existing coaxial cabling for efficient remote powering over the same cable, the simple extension of the coaxial cable network to accommodate additional devices without requiring the installation of additional separate cables for each additional device, and the use of long cables (beyond 100 m) without requiring repeaters every 100 m.

ISG OEU continued to develop Group Specifications (GSs) for the smart city. One will define global Key Performance Indicator (KPI) modelling for green smart cities, covering both residential and office environments. A second specification will describe general guidelines for the study of green smart transportation in the city. Also, in development, a Group Report (GR) will complete this last Group Specification by specifying request for proposal for deployment of green smart transportation in cities.

ISG OEU is also defining carbon equivalent emission level for ICT sites in operation in order to support monitoring of ICT carbon footprint.

Work continued on a new Group Report in order to support implementation of the new European Norm ETSI EN 305 174-8 on ICT waste management. 

During the year we supported the organization of ETSI Plugtests™ events on IP video surveillance systems and in-building transmission systems. We also supported ETSI’s participation in CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Coordination Groups on Smart Metering (CG SM) and Smart Energy Grid (CG SEG). 

Look out for in 2019 – ISG OEU work in progress:

  • Group Report (GR) on life cycle analysis comparison between internal hosting solution and cloud hosting solution
  • GR on cost-benefit analysis of Ethernet and Power over Coax in IP video surveillance - case studies
  • GS on definition of CO2 equivalent emission level for ICT sites
  • GS on global KPI modelling for green smart cities