Technical Committee (TC) Core Network and Interoperability Testing (INT) Activity Report 2020

Chair: Giulio Maggiore, Telecom Italia SpA

Responsible for the development of core network test specifications for interoperability, conformance, performance and security, based on but not limited to specifications developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPPTM) (including Virtual, Layered and Autonomic Networks). Responsibility includes initiating and supervising interoperability and events related to core networks with other organisations, and for endorsing test specifications produced by other standards development organizations.

Interoperability is crucial to ensuring Quality of Service and Quality of Experience in complex end-to-end systems such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) that bring together Internet Protocol (IP) Multimedia Subsystem (IMS™), packet and circuit switched networks.

Our Technical Committee on Core Network and Interoperability Testing (TC INT) develops core network test specifications for interoperability, conformance, performance and security. These are based on – but not limited to – 3GPP specifications, including virtual, layered and autonomic networks.

In 2020 we issued a Technical Report TR 103 626 that provides a mapping of architectural components – developed in the European Commission (EC) WiSHFUL and ORCA Projects using our Generic Autonomic Networking Architecture (GANA) model – for autonomic networking, cognitive networking and self-management. This mapping also illustrates how to implement self-management functionality in the GANA model for wireless networks, taking into consideration earlier INT deliverables, where GANA cognitive algorithms for autonomics can be applied.

We also published a multipart specification [TS 103 653-1, TS 103 653-2, TS 103 653-3] detailing VoLTE/ViLTE interoperability test descriptions over 4G/early 5G (3GPP Release 15) in physical/virtual environments.

See the full list of TC INT deliverables published in 2020 here.

During the year TC INT launched joint work with TC MTS on AI testing and AI test systems with two Technical Reports currently in development:

  • Use, benefits and trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in test systems used for standardization (TR 103 748).
  • Testing AI models, components, systems, metrics for measurements and assessments in testing and certification of AI (TR 103 749).

 Further new Work Items in development include:

  • Technical Specification ‘Core Network and Interoperability Testing (INT) Methodologies for E2E Testing & Validation of Vertical Applications over 5G & Beyond Networks’ continues work in EU project 5G EVE, and includes parallel coordination meetings within 5G-PPP (5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership) (TR 103 761)
  • Technical Report titled ‘Description of Test Requirements and Approach for E2E Federated Testbeds’, involving collaboration between TC INT and ITU-T SG11 (TR 103 763)
  • Technical Report titled “Implementing Network and Federated GANA Knowledge Plane for Autonomic Management and control of Slices in 5G NGNM E2E Architecture” (TR 103 747)

Look out for in 2021 – TC INT work in progress:

  • Technical Specification (TS) on Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes for the Closed User Group (CUG) using IP Multimedia (IM) at the AGCF connecting legacy access
  • TS on performance requirement specifications for reliable comparison of measurement figures
  • Multi-part TS on Network Interoperability Test Description for emergency services over VoLTE
  • Multi-part TS on Network Interoperability Test Description for emergency services over 5G
  • TS on Conformance Test Specifications for the SCC-AS Services
  • Revisions to TS 103 653: VoLTE/ViLTE interoperability test description over 4G/early 5G in physical/virtual environments; (3GPP™ Release 15)
  • Revision to TS on network integration tests between ISDN-ISDN and ISDN PSTN over SIP II NNI / SIP-I NNI
  • Technical Report (TR) on use and benefits of AI technologies in testing
  • TR on autonomic network engineering for the self-managing Future Internet (AFI); implementing network and federated GANA knowledge plane for autonomic management and control of slices in 5G NGNM E2E architecture
  • TR on business drivers for autonomic networking
  • TR on Generic Autonomic Network Architecture (GANA); Part 3: guidelines for instantiation and implementation
  • TR on GANA on IMS architecture
  • TR on GANA impacts
  • TR on confidence in autonomic functions; guidelines for design and testability
  • TR on methodologies for E2E testing & validation of vertical applications over 5G & beyond networks
  • TR on test requirements and approach for E2E federated testbeds
  • TR on testing of AI with definition of quality metrics
  • TR on AI in test systems and testing AI models

See the full list of current TC INT Work Items here.