Activity report 2018-2019

Technical Committee (TC) Core Network and Interoperability Testing (INT)

Chairman: Giulio Maggiore, Telecom Italia SpA

Responsible for the development of core network test specifications for interoperability, conformance, performance and security, based on specifications developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP™), for initiating and supervising interoperability and events related to core networks with other organisations and for endorsing test specifications produced by other standards developing organisations.

Our Core Network and Interoperability Testing committee (TC INT) produces specifications to facilitate the implementation of Internet Protocol (IP) based networks that can carry both fixed and mobile services simultaneously.

Interoperability is crucial to the provision of good Quality of Service and Quality of Experience in complex end-to-end systems such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) that bring together Internet Protocol (IP) Multimedia Subsystem (IMS™), packet and circuit switched networks.

During 2018, TC INT jointly worked with the User Group for the improvement of the deliverable TS 102 845 V2.0.0 (2018-10), User Group; Quality of ICT Services; Requirements for Check-up on Metering and Billing Processes.

TC INT (STF 544) completed its work for the Diameter Conformance Testing for the Sh/Dh interface (3GPPTM Release 13); validation against LTE components (i.e. HSS, AS, OSA OCS, SLF) is scheduled in 2019.

Important maintenance work was completed on ISDN/SIP interworking and Conformance tests; (3GPP Release 12) and Interworking between SIP-I based circuit-switched core network and other networks.

The committee expanded its scope with the inclusion of WG AFI (Autonomic Management and Control Intelligence for Self-Managed Fixed & Mobile Integrated Networks) formerly TC NTECH WG. The group’s work directly connects TC INT’s methodology and specifications to the world of 5G.

In 2018 WG AFI performed Proof of Concept (PoC) Demo 1 (5G Network Slices Creation, Autonomic & Cognitive Management & E2E Orchestration, with Closed-Loop (Autonomic) Service Assurance for the IoT (Smart Insurance) Use Case and Demo 2 C-SON Evolution for 5G, Hybrid-SON Mappings to the ETSI GANA Model, and Federation of GANA Knowledge Planes for E2E Autonomic (Closed-Loop) Service Assurance for 5G Network Slices through a Real Implementation.

Achievements from these PoC demos were communicated through White Papers that are available for download.

Co-operation with ITU-T Study group 11 continued for the relevant work in Q.9/11 and Q.11/11. TC INT also liaised with the GSM™ Association on activities relating to VoLTE implementation and testing.

Look out for in 2019 – TC INT work in progress:

  • Revision to Technical Specification (TS) on Network Integration Testing between ISDN-ISDN and ISDN-PSTN over SIP II NNI / SIP-I NNI
  • Revision to TS on ISDN/SIP interworking; Protocol specification
  • TS on VoLTE/ViLTE interoperability test description over 4G/early 5G
  • TS on Diameter Conformance testing for Sh/Dh interfaces