Industry Specification Group (ISG) cross-cutting Context Information Management (CIM) Activity Report 2020

Chair: Lindsay Frost, NEC Europe

Developing specifications for applications to publish, discover, update and access context information for smart cities, smart agriculture, digital twins and other areas.

Digital transformation – from smart cities and smart manufacturing to machine learning and AI – requires interoperable and reliable sharing of information, together with its provenance, information regarding its accuracy and unambiguous definitions of its content.

It is the mission of ETSI’s Industry Specification Group on cross-cutting Context Information Management (ISG CIM) to enable transfer of this data using a RESTful interface called NGSI-LD. ISG CIM accordingly develops specifications for publishing, accessing and updating contextual information, integrating information from IoT, legacy databases and third-party applications.

An NGSI-LD API update was published as GS CIM 009 v1.3.1 in August 2020, together with the first version of GR CIM 008, a primer for developers (published March 2020). Further extensions of the API can be expected every 6 to 12 months.

See all ISG CIM deliverables published since January 2020 here.

A major initiative to develop a NGSI-LD Testing Framework was launched during the year, with five Work Items and associated ETSI Forge coding areas. This is expected to be completed in mid-2021, enabling international testing of deployed software.

New features for tamper-proofing transferred information, using digital signatures are under development in an ongoing Work Item [GR CIM 007] on Security and Privacy.

During the year ISG CIM membership grew to 33 organizations, including 23 ETSI Members and 9 ISG Participants. Furthermore, there are at least six open source projects implementing the interface and/or the data information model. The latter has attracted attention due to combining Linked-Data principles with Property Graph functionality.


  • Group Specification (GS) on NGSI-LD test purposes descriptions
  • GS on NGSI-LD test suite
  • GR on NGSI-LD testing environment validation
  • Revision(s) to GS CIM 009 NGSI-LD API, based on feedback from developers, end users and stakeholders
  • Revision to GS CIM 006 on NGSI-LD information model
  • Group Report (GR) on recommendations for NGSI-LD interworking
  • GR on feasibility of NGSI-LD for digital twins
  • GR on security and privacy
  • Revision to GR CIM 002 on CIM use cases
  • Revision to GR CIM 008 - NGSI-LD primer, with examples of usage of NGSI-LD information model and API


See a list and descriptions of current ISG CIM Work Items here.