Industry Specification Group (ISG) on European Common Information Sharing Environment Service and Data Model (CDM) Activity Report 2021

Chair: Bernhard Wehner, BMWi

Developing technical specifications to provide a universal data and service model that serves as a reference for all cross-sectoral and cross-border information exchange between European public authorities.

The Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) is an EU initiative towards an Integrated Maritime Surveillance, aiming to make European and EU/EEA Member States surveillance systems interoperable and to give all concerned authorities from different sectors access to information they need to conduct missions at sea. Its primary objective is to generate a situational awareness of activities at sea, impacting on the seven maritime sectors – Maritime Safety & Security, Border Control, Maritime Pollution & Marine Environment Protection, Fisheries Control, Customs, General Law Enforcement and Defence – as well as the economic interests of the EU.

ETSI’s Industry Specification Group on European Common Information Sharing Environment Service and Data Model (ISG CDM) is developing a consistent set of technical specifications that allow data exchange among different legacy systems within the CISE framework.

Through standardization of the EUCISE data model – and in particular through Common Interface and Core Infrastructure Services – the work of ISG CDM facilitates information exchange between user communities, member states, public authorities or EU agencies. It also supports the EU's maritime security strategy (EUMSS).

2021 saw publication of four new Group Specifications (GS):

  • GS CDM 002 offers a definition of CDM system requirements
  • GS CDM 003 specifies CDM architecture, including common and core services
  • GS CDM 004 specifies CDM protocols, including service model
  • GS CDM 005 provides a detailed data model

They are complemented by two Group Reports (GR), also published during the year:

  • GR CDM 001 defines CDM use cases for the EUCISE data model
  • GR CDM 006 provides a preliminary analysis for the development of a complete suite of conformance and interoperability test specifications for operation in the CISE network according to CDM standards.

Completion of GR CDM 006 now paves the way to deployment of comprehensive Testing Platform, aimed at validating candidate implementations from all parties.

During the year work also commenced on three new test-related Group Specifications:

  • Conformance test specifications for CISE Node; Part 1: Test requirements and Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) proforma
  • Conformance test specifications for CISE Node; Part 2: Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS & TP)
  • Conformance test specifications for CISE Node; Part 3: Abstract Test Suite (ATS) and Protocol Implementation eXtra Information for Testing (PIXIT)

Revisions also progressed to a number of the group’s existing specifications, covering supplementary use cases definitions, system requirements, architecture, protocols, and data model.

See the full list of current ISG CDM Work Items here.