Activity report 2018-2019

Technical Committee (TC) Integrated Broadband Cable Telecommunication Networks (CABLE)

Chairman: Volker Leisse, CableLabs

Responsible for standardization related to integrated broadband cable telecommunication network technologies.

Our Integrated Broadband Cable Telecommunication Networks committee (TC CABLE) continues its work on standards addressing the evolution of broadband cable network capabilities.

All four Working Groups on

  • architecture, interfaces and protocols,
  • installation and operational best practices,
  • engineering, efficiency and sustainability as well as
  • network, fault, monitoring and performance management, test & measurement

pursued a busy work programme to address technology evolution and market requirements.

In an effort to identify the optimal way to keep up with a fast-moving system specification while maintaining the high-quality expectations on a published standard we significantly advanced the work on the standards for DOCSIS 3.1, the fourth generation of the transmission system for interactive cable television services.

An important focus of our work in 2018 were energy efficiency matters. Among other activities, we developed a European Standard defining global KPIs for the assessment of efficient energy use in broadband cable networks in response to mandate M/462. This was published with the help of the joint STF 516 (with TC EE and TC ATTM) that was established to address M/462 Phase 2.

Addressing an increasing need to verify the delivery of a high level of service quality to consumers we continued to work on a TS on measurement methods for the performance of broadband data services. This is embedded in a market effort to provide transparency of service offerings and make service providers comparable.

As a contribution to related standardization efforts and to support application of standards we continued our work on various TRs and TSs to document the required characteristics of network components such as coaxial cables and to demonstrate the role of Harmonized Standards for integrated broadband cable telecommunication networks.

Leveraging our close and highly cooperative relationships with the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and CENELEC, we worked with the global cable community to foster innovation and competitiveness thereby making technology available industry-wide, based on voluntary standards. 

Look out for in 2019 – TC CABLE work in progress:

  • ETSI Standard (ES) on fourth generation transmission systems for interactive cable television services - IP cable modems
  • Technical Report (TR) on mapping of cable equipment and standards to RED, EMCD and LVD
  • Technical Specification (TS) on performance characteristics of coaxial cables for RF signal transmission in hybrid fibre-coax (HFC) networks
  • TS on Network Performance Measurement Methods for Broadband Data Services