Joint Technical Committee (JTC) of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and ETSI Activity Report 2019

Chair: Antonio Arcidiacono, EBU

Responsible for the standardization of broadcast systems for television, radio, data and other new services via satellite, cable, Satellite Master Antenna Television and terrestrial transmitters, and for the standardization of programme transmission and receiving equipment.

Within ETSI our standardization of broadcast systems, programme transmission and reception equipment is managed by JTC Broadcast – the Joint Technical Committee that brings us together with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC). As well as assessing work performed within other organizations, the committee considers broadcast systems (emission & reception) for television, radio, data and other services via satellite, cable and terrestrial transmitters.

JTC BROADCAST has primary responsibilities to:

  • Prepare standards for broadcast systems for television, radio, data and other new services via satellite, cable, SMATV and terrestrial transmitters
  • Prepare standards for the primary transmission of programmes or programme material, including both contribution and distribution circuits
  • Prepare standards for the secondary transmission of programmes to the general public, including cable networks and distribution systems
  • Prepare standards for the above and for equivalent receiving equipment
  • Assess work performed within the framework of the technical module of the DVB MoU, CENELEC and ETSI TCs as well as EBU working parties

In 2019 we continued to deliver and maintain standards and technical specifications for relevant broadcast. In addition to our ‘traditional’ standardization activities covering (e.g.) DVB, DAB, DRM, AC3, DTS and TV Anytime, the committee also focused on topics related to Ultra High Definition TV, including High Dynamic Range (HDR), Next Generation Audio and hybrid radio.

During the year JTC BROADCAST publications notably included:

  • Revision of DVB specifications, e.g. Service Information (SI) [EN 300 468], DVB extensions to CI Plus [TS 103 205], MPEG implementation guidelines [TS 101 154];
  • Revision of DTS specification [TS 102 114] and DTS-UHD Audio Format [TS 103 491]
  • Revision of DAB specifications, including audio coding [TS 103 466], registered tables [TS 101 756], guide to DAB standards [TR 101 495];
  • Revision of hybrid digital radio (DAB, DRM, RadioDNS) XML specification for Service and Programme Information (SPI) [TS 102 818];
  • Revision of Radio DNS Hybrid lookup for radio services [TS 103 270];
  • Revision of a TV Anytime specification on metadata schemas [TS 102 822-3-1];

New specification concerning DAB Filtered Information Service (FIS) Application specification [TS 103 689].

Look out for in 2020 – JTC BROADCAST work in progress

  • 5G broadcast systems for linear TV and radio services
  • High-Performance Single Layer High Dynamic Range (HDR) System for use in Consumer Electronics devices
  • Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV Application Discovery over Broadband
  • Additional DVB, DAB and audio specifications