Technical Committee (TC) Broadband Radio Access Networks (BRAN) Activity Report 2020

Chair: Guido Hiertz (Ericsson GmbH, Eurolab)

Responsible for the standardization of Broadband Radio Access Networks. 

ETSI’s Broadband Radio Access Networks technical committee (TC BRAN) produces and maintains standards and specifications for current and future Wireless Access System (WAS) and Radio Local Area Network (RLAN) technologies operating in different frequency ranges. The committee has primary responsibility for all aspects of standardization for broadband radio access networks, including systems as defined in ITU-R Recommendation F.1399-1.

During 2020 TC BRAN approved to extend the operating band of its Harmonised Standard [EN 302 567] for Multiple Gigabit Wireless Systems to 57 GHz to 71 GHz. The committee also updated the standard based on comments received during the EC assessment.

Work continued on a new Harmonised Standard regarding access to radio spectrum for RLANs operating in the license-exempt 6 GHz band.

Work also progressed on a Harmonised Standard considering access to radio spectrum for the license-exempt 5 GHz bands.

The committee revised its existing Harmonised Standard [EN 301 598] on access to radio spectrum for White Space Devices (WSD) operating in the 470 MHz to 790 MHz TV broadcast band. Following comments received during the EC assessment process, TC BRAN studied options to define procedures for User Access Requirements (UAR) incorporated in EN 301 598 and also EN 301 893.

Work neared completion on a Harmonised Standard [EN 303 722] addressing access to radio spectrum in relation to Wideband Data Transmission Systems (WDTS) for fixed network radio equipment operating in the 57 GHz to 71 GHz band.

Also addressing the 60 GHz band, TC BRAN initiated work on a new Harmonised Standard [EN 303 753] on access to radio spectrum for Wideband Data Transmission Systems (WDTS) for mobile and fixed radio equipment in the 57 GHz to 71 GHz band.

TC BRAN launched development of a new Technical Specification that provides a set of test cases to verify the performance (coverage, throughput, roaming time etc) of Multiple Access Point (MAP) home wireless networks. Meanwhile progress continued on a Technical Report investigating the application of new and existing mitigation techniques to systems including radio local area networks (WAS/RLAN), radar and RTTT/smart tachographs to enable coexistence in the 5 725 MHz to 5 850 MHz band.


  • ETSI TC BRAN will seek the European Commission’s guidance on a solution for the specification of User Access Restrictions (UAR). Once a solution has been found, HS EN 301 893 and HS EN 301 598 will incorporate the UAR solution. HS EN 301 598 will then be able to proceed into ENAP stage.
  • At the beginning of 2021, TC BRAN approved an important technical solution for HS EN 301 893. Work on other minor aspects will continue: submission for EC assessment is envisaged.
  • Discussion of technical aspects of HS EN 303 687 continues, in anticipation of EC assessment.
  • First ENAP on HS EN 302 567 has been successfully completed. A recirculation ENAP and final approval will follow.
  • HS EN 303 722 has been prepared for EC assessment.
  • Work on HS EN 303 753 will continue.
  • Work on TS 103 754 will continue.