Technical Committee (TC) Broadband Radio Access Networks (BRAN) Activity Report 2023

Chair: Guido R. Hiertz (Ericsson GmbH, Eurolab)

Responsible for the standardization of present and future Broadband Radio Access Networks.

ETSI’s Broadband Radio Access Networks committee (TC BRAN) produces and maintains standards and specifications for current and future Wireless Access System (WAS) and Radio Local Area Network (RLAN) technologies in different frequency ranges. The committee has primary responsibility for all aspects of standardization for broadband radio access networks.

In 2023 TC BRAN has issued the following publications:

  • EN 303 687 Ver. 1.1.1 ‘6 GHz WAS/RLAN; Harmonised Standard for access to radio spectrum’ – specifies technical characteristics and methods of measurements for Wireless access systems including radio local area networks (WAS/RLANs) operating in the band 5 925 MHz to 6 425 MHz, based on ECC DEC(20)01 and EC Decsion 2021/1067.
  • TR 103 721 Ver. 1.1.1 ‘Feasibility assessment of applying mitigation techniques to WAS/RLAN to enable coexistence in the 5 725 MHz to 5 850 MHz band’ – supporting work within CEPT, this Technical Report explores the feasibility of implementing new and existing mitigation techniques to enable coexistence between Wireless access systems including radio local area networks (WAS/RLAN) and RTTT/smart tachograph, radars (including Fast Frequency Hopping) operating in the band 5 725 MHz to 5 850 MHz.

During the year the ETSI Secretariat has also facilitated development of the following European standards drafted by TC BRAN:

  • Revision of EN 301 893 (5 GHz RLANs): the mature draft 2.2.0 has been sent for the 2nd HASTAC assessment. ENAP is expected to be completed in mid-February 2024.
  • Draft EN 303 753 (Wideband Data Transmission Systems (WDTS) for Mobile and Fixed Radio Equipment operating in the 57 – 71 GHz band): TC BRAN provided resolution to the ENAP and HASTAC comments received. The next step is a 60 day National Vote to be launched as soon as possible.

In addition, ETSI TC BRAN also initiated the following new work:

  • Adoption of a New Work Item regarding the revision of EN 303 687: During its September meeting, ETSI TC BRAN initiated work on version 2.1.1 of its HS for 6 GHz WAS/RLAN. In addition to various improvements, ETSI TC BRAN will also observe the work conducted at ECC FM 61 and potential implications on the HS.

During the year the committee has contributed to a Liaison Statement from ETSI on Receiver Recommendations (managed by TC ERM) directed to the ECC’s Working Group on Spectrum Engineering.

The European Commission (EC) attended ETSI TC BRAN’s first plenary meeting in 2023 and presented the EC’s Joint Research Centre report on the coexistence of Meteorological Radars and WAS/RLAN in the license-exempt 5 GHz band. ETSI TC BRAN prepared an information document that it asked ETSI’s Director of Standardisation in support of Public Policy, M. Sharpe, to consider in his communication with the EC.

See the full list of TC BRAN Work Items currently in development here.