The first ETSI NFV PoC ZONE was run from 15th to 17th of October during the SDN & Open Flow World Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The PoC ZONE concentrated the demonstration of 14 multi-vendor NFV Proof of Concept (PoC) projects developed according to the NFV ISG PoC Framework. Over 40 different organisations from the NFV community provided active on-site support to run the demos, present their results and share their lessons learnt with visitors. It provided a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge on NFV technology, current reality and next steps; as well as to give feedback to the PoC Teams.


"The ETSI NFV PoC ZONE was an important opportunity to gauge industry prowess on NFV implementation and to interact with the PoC participants to discuss their results, learn about the challenges they faced and what they see as the next steps for NFV implementation" - Don Clarke, Chair of the Network Operator Council, ETSI NFV ISG

The ETSI team clearly put a lot of thought and preparation into the development of the NFV PoC Zone concept; it was very professional and well managed. I applaud their efforts in helping to recognize the work of PoC participants and providing them with a virtual stage to showcase some of the excellent work being done by ETSI member companies." – Ron Breault, WINDRIVER, PoC#22

"CloudNFV has gained tremendous visibility from its ETSI NFV Proof-of-Concept (PoC). The ETSI NFV PoC Zones provided a venue to showcase our NFV platform and eco-system and to gather invaluable feedback from industry leaders." – Dave Duggal, ENTERPRISEWEB, PoC#1

The ETSI NFV PoC Zone at the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress in Dusseldorf provided an excellent opportunity for network operators and service providers to survey the current state of the industry. The ETSI NFV ISG is doing a tremendous job incubating this paradigm shift, and building a community of experts that are working together to define and drive virtualization of applications and services in carrier networks.” - Nirav Modi, CYAN, PoC#4

"ETSI NFV PoC Framework and the PoC ZONE is a visionary idea that dramatically reduces the feedback cycle from a standard body's work to running code and back, ultimately resulting better standards. Thank you for providing this open and vibrant environment for the industry." Wenjing Chu, DELL PoC#1

"The ETSI's PoC zone represents a new approach to developing multi-vendor telecom products and solutions. It shines an industry level spotlight on areas the standards are working, and also identifies areas where gaps exist. All in all this can speed up development of products and services in and around the communication provider ecosystem." Ajay Sahai, CONTEXTREAM, PoC#15

Lear more about NFV Proofs-of-Concept and PoC Framework at:

NFV Proofs of Concept are developed according to the ETSI NFV ISG Proof of Concept Framework. NFV Proofs of Concept are intended to demonstrate NFV as a viable technology. Results are fed back to the NFV Industry Specification Group.

Neither ETSI, its NFV Industry Specification Group, nor its members make any endorsement of any product or implementation claiming to demonstrate or conform to NFV. No verification or test has been performed by ETSI on any part of these NFV Proofs of Concept.

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