We know that the ultimate success of our standards depends on meeting the needs of users – both the users of our standards, and the end-users of the products and services based on them.

We recognize a range of different types of user:

  • consumers
  • business users
  • users with special needs
  • service providers
  • telecommunications operators as users of systems and services
  • government departments

We are keen to involve users in our work and we have a category of membership specifically for user organizations. Currently about 4% of our members are user organizations. They have the same rights to participate in our standardization activities and the same level of access as, for example, the giants of the telecoms industry.

We also seek to safeguard the interests of users at the highest levels in ETSI. So, when appointing one of the Vice-Chairmen of our General Assembly, we give preference to a candidate representing user members (unless the Chairman is drawn from this category). We also reserve one seat on the ETSI Board specifically for a user representative.

The User Group

We have established a ‘User Group’ (see ETSI Portal) to represent the interests of users of information and communications technology products and services. The Group ensures other ETSI committees are aware of users’ views and needs. In this way we can improve our standards and their relevancy. The User Group is also available for consultation by our committee chairmen.

To keep up to date with the latest issues, from time to time, the Group conducts surveys within the user population at large or organizes workshops on current issues to gain feedback from users. The User Group co-operates with most user organizations in Europe.

Joining ETSI as a user

Not-for-profit user associations benefit from reduced membership fees.

Find out more about becoming a member, including how to apply.

Claire d'Esclercs will be happy to answer any queries.