An open approach to standards-making

‘Openness’ is part of our culture at ETSI, and is evident across the full range of our activities.

Our standards-making processes are transparent and open

  • We create our standards by consensus
  • Members participate directly in the standards-making process rather than via a national delegation or a National Standards Organization (NSO)
  • Our members decide our work programme, allocate resources and make and set our standards
  • We have established a widely respected Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy which balances the needs of standardization and the rights of the owners of IPRs

Membership is open to all

  • Any company or organization, from any part of the world, with a legitimate interest in our work, can become a member of ETSI
  • Members can participate in the work of all our committees and have access to all working documents (apart from in a few specialized circumstances)

Our standards are available to all

We believe one of the best ways to encourage market growth and innovation is to allow ‘open’ access to standards. So, once approved, our standards and reports are made publicly available, free of charge, from our website.

By making our standards accessible to all, we support research and development, and we enable markets to grow and industry to compete.