Publicly Available Specifications (PAS)

The ETSI PAS process enables an ETSI partner to submit one or more of its Publicly Available Specifications for adoption by ETSI as an ETSI Technical Specification (TS) or ETSI Technical Report (TR).

Why use the ETSI PAS process?

A Publicly Available Specification published as an ETSI Technical Specification will benefit from ETSI's recognition as a European Standards Organization, as well as from our international reputation as a provider of standards for global use. It will also receive increased visiblity among ETSI's members.

Submitting a PAS to be published as a TS can be a first step towards it becoming a European Standard, and ETSI's standards and specifications can be referred to in European public procurement contracts. 

Who can submit a specification?

Any Standards Development Organization, forum or consortium which is a legal entity, that has an IPR policy compatible with ETSI's, and has signed a Cooperation Agreement can submit a Publicly Available Specification to ETSI.

How to submit a specification

  • The PAS submitter should contact ETSI's External Relations Officer
  • The organization submitting the PAS must have a Cooperation Agreement (CA) signed with ETSI, or must negotiate one with the help of ETSI's External Relations Officer
  • The partner and ETSI agree to a PAS Supplement to the Cooperation Agreement, containing the provisions for submission, adoption and maintenance of the PAS
  • An ETSI Technical Body is identified by the Board to be the host of the PAS Work Item(s)
  • The designated Technical Body creates the corresponding Work Item(s) before starting any work
  • The Technical Body reviews and approves the PAS as a Technical Specification or Technical Report following the normal ETSI procedures. A PAS is adopted as a whole.

You can pdfdownload a PAS Process Guide describing how to use the PAS process and its benefits.

For any further details please contact our Head of external relations.