XML Advanced Electronic Signature

ETSI is playing a key role in the development of electronic signatures related standards, including XAdES (ETSI TS 101 903, v1.3.2). The importance of XAdES can further be seen in the increasing support by both national legislation in several European countries, and market, where more and more products report capability for supporting XAdES signatures generation and verification.

ETSI organized in the past two face-to-face XAdES plugtest events, which attracted major XAdES implementers. These events largely impacted on XAdES recent standardization activities, being most of their recommendations incorporated in the latest XAdES version.

ETSI is organizing remote XAdES interoperability event supported by its recently created Plugtests Portal for Electonic Signature, where participants are able to make interoperability tests of their XAdES implementations.

Number of participants
Thirty one participants attended from twenty nine companies.