TTCN-3 Tools Plugtests

A TTCN-3 Tools Plugtests has been hosted from 2 to 3 June 2009 in Sophia Antipolis organized by ETSI TC MTS.
The goal of the event was to validate TTCN-3 standards ETSI  ES 201 873-1 V3.3.2 (2008-04), ES  201 873-4 V3.3.1 (2008-04) and ES 201 873-7 V3.3.2 (2008-04).
The TTCN-3 test cases of the 3rd generation mobile reference test suite (ETSI TR 102 976) which have been derived from the 3GPP TTCN-3 benchmark test suite were executed against their mirror test cases. 
ETSI provided a  neutral event location where commercial TTCN-3 tools were assessed and showed  that, despite of using a complex test suite as a basis, standards have been well adopted in industry.
After some clarifications in the preparation phase of this event all TTCN-3 tools during event (as well as more tools prior to the event) managed to compile and run the same TTCN-3 test suite without any problems.

A more detailed presentation about the TTCN-3 Tools Plugtest was presented at the ETSI TTCN-3 User Conference 2009 in Sophia-Antipolis, France. It can be downloaded from the TTCN-3 Web site.